Normal Service Interrupted

This is to let all Readers, Creators, Publishers, etc. that I can’t currently deliver some of the styles of articles I like to write.

My PC has collapsed. It isn’t dead but it is beyond my skills it seems to get it going again.

I can do text only articles on my phone and I can attach a lead image. I am aware that it is possible to do more with the WordPress Ap but my phone struggles with that and it makes editing very time consuming. I also can’t see properly what the articles will look like on other devices.

Similarly my phone makes editing long text articles difficult. So I may be briefer than usual. Even editing this article was more time consuming than it ought to have been.

This is very frustrating as I have a number of Small Press reviews and Previews in hand (and am still behind with reviews from Thought Bubble). Plus of course 2000AD & Judge Dredd articles. This also comes just before the Easter Joust at Royal Armouries which I would usually do several image intensive articles. And my ‘Countdown to Lawgiver MkIII articles that were planned to begin this weekend.

On the brightside I do have Word on my phone so I can continue with other projects.

I obviously hope my PC issue will be rectified soon…

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