Easter Tournament 2016 at Royal Armouries

Easter-TournamentFriday 25th to Monday 28th March 2016

Royal Armouries Leeds
Tickets available now
Good Friday to Easter Sunday
Adult £10; Concs £6; Family £25
Easter Monday
Adult £14; Concs £10; Family £39

This is the big one, featuring top Jousters from around the World. Live International Jousting competition over four days. This is a full contact sport, un-choreographed and genuine.

stacy“The original Extreme Sport” – Stacy Van Dolah-Evans

Stacy has been victorious at Royal Armouries a number of times.

I presented him with the Sword of Honour in August 2013.

Horses, Squires and Ground Crew are supplied by Atkinson Action Horses. Stars of Film and TV such as Poldark. Though some Knights do bring their own Squires.

When I say ‘full contact’ what do I mean?

Jousting was the main event at Tournaments throughout the Medieval period and it was a sport enjoyed by all echelons of society but performed by those at the very top. Henry VIII of England was a keen Jouster in his younger years.

The aim of this version of Jousting is to strike the shield of your opponent, known as a Targe, with the tip of your Lance. This is done while riding towards each other at a combined speed of around 40 to 50 mph. Points are scored for strikes to the Targe, Body or Arm. I can’t be certain whether the Head will be a legal target this year, sometimes it isn’t but last year it was.

Jan v BenJan v Ben 1

Blows are struck hard enough to damage parts of the armour worn by combatants – and this is real armour made in similar ways to Medieval times.

See the damage (often referred to as BearGate…) from last year.

Details of the Knights attending are currently being announced by Royal Armouries and I’ll bring a full list as soon as I know. I’ll also bring more detail of what to expect.

I’ll be at the full Tournament and I’ll bring reports throughout the weekend.

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