Countdown to Lawgiver MkIII – Guest Spotlight – Mick McMahon

LG-IIILawgiver MkIII
at Double Tree by Hilton

Saturday 28th May 2016

Guest Spotlight: Mick McMahon

2000AD was launched in February 1977 with Judge Dredd debuting in the second issue, or Prog 2. Judge Dredd was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Lawgiver is an annual convention dedicated to Judge Dredd, from Comics and Screen.

McMahonThis image shows Mick McMahon with a badge from the fabulous fan film Judge Minty.

We were fortunate to have John Wagner at the first Lawgiver convention. At this, the third year, we have Mick McMahon.

Though the look of Judge Dredd was created by Carlos Ezquerra the first published story was by Mick McMahon. McMahon also worked on Slaine, Ro-busters and ABC Warriors in the pages of 2000AD and Batman for DC Comics.

McMahon is one of the most influential Judge Dredd Artist from the 1970s and 1980s. many artists will site him as an influence in their development as an artist. I mentioned in a review once that the art reminded me of McMahon, the artist later thanked me for this comment.

I’ve already mentioned Judge Minty. That fan film was based on a story illustrated by McMahon in Prog 147 and you can read more about that in seperate articles on this blog such as my ‘Why Judge Minty is a Good Comic Adaptation’, there are quite big spoilers in that article so I suggest you watch the film first.

JRicoudge Minty isn’t the only character that McMahon co-created for the Judge Dredd mythos. For example there is Rico Dredd. Rico is Dredd’s clone-brother raised and trained alongside Joe Dredd in the Academy of Law. You can read more about Rico in my article ‘Who is Rico Dredd’.

The introduction of Rico and the knowledge that Dredd was a clone was a game changer for Judge Dredd. Other co-creations by McMahon have been equally influential in the world of Dredd.

2000AD160Prog 160 saw the introduction of the Angel Gang; Pa, Link, Mean Machine and Junior as part of The Judge Child Quest. Central characters to a large portion of the plot even the creators underestimated their popularity.

McMahon also co-created Fink Angel in Prog 193, the eldest son of Pa Angel.

These characters, especially Mean Machine, have proven to be some of the most popular villains in Judge Dredd. Mean Machine is the longest lived of this clan.

328983-19752-125212-1-2000-a-dIn the earlier Cursed Earth Epic story McMahon illustrated the ‘banned’ episodes that featured Ronald McDonald and Burger King. Thesen episodes, as well as two other ‘banned’ episodes, will soon be reprinted for the first time.

In the same epic McMahon co-created Satanus, son of Old One-Eye from Flesh.

These two classic, epic tales are two of the most important ever. Both introduced aspects to the story of Dredd that changed Dredd’s world permanently.

McMahon’s contribution to Judge Dredd can’t be over stated and the above is just a snapshot. Come along to Lawgiver and meet one of the biggest Dredd artists ever.





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