Update on the RPG Project in Uganda

Koro has gone wild.jpgIn March I wrote about a cool set up that a young man in Uganda.

Patrick had started where he is encouraging other youngsters to develop their imaginations and team working through Pathfinder – the love-child of Dungeons & Dragons that is published by Paizo.

So far there are from what I understand three or four tabletop groups playing Pathfinder. This is Patrick’s project as part of the Butterfly Project, a scheme to encourage children in rural Uganda to become leaders by example. The Butterfly Project is supported by the UK Charity Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network (CYEN).

Now Patrick has started on a bigger and bolder version of his project and needs a bit of help.

This new part of the project is a three day event mixing outdoor wildlife activities with the Pathfinder game. This will include overnight stay for the youngsters taking part so is obviously going to incur some costs. Patrick has set up a fundraising page on Crowdfunder called Koro has gone Wild.

I’ve supported this project because I find Patrick’s dedication inspirational. The lad is only 14 and he has a drive to get ahead in life. His aims include going to University to become an Engineer. With his project at the Butterfly Centre Patrick is aiming to give fellow youngsters the urge to get on in life.

Roleplaying games develop team-working and problem-solving. I have 32 years of experience of this and my Dungeons and Dragons group from 1984 are still my close friends despite our lives taking separate routes – through my marriage, becoming a Father, my divorce and becoming a Grandpa.

If you don’t want to give financial support to Patrick and lve in the UK you might consider donating good quality unwanted items via CYEN with their Container Appeal.

Hopefully Patrick and the other young people being given a hand up by the Butterfly Project will go far.

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