Teething Problems

Some of you may have seen a blank article earlier or a password protected one. This is due to my long absence from regular writing. Sorry for any confusion.

I’ll not go in to the reason for not writing much as I’ve belaboured the subject enough. Earlier articles explain it all.

The article in question will be shown to the film makers before publication as I’m keen to give a Spoiler Free article yet with as much detail as possible.

I don’t usually run my articles by the creators in this way. This instance is very important to me though.

I have several articles in the works and hope to have some published on here soon. I’m assuming for at least one by late Sunday evening.

These articles include the one that caused this kafuffle as well as an Graphic Novel from 2000 AD, a creator owned US Comic and an Independent film from Argentina now on Netflix.

Thanks to any regular readers who are still checking back. It means a lot to me that some if you are still here.


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