History Hit TV – new subscription service dedicated to History


History Hit TV is a new subscription service delivering a wide range of History related material.

I chose the word “material” deliberately as despite the name what is on offer is not only TV programs about History but also Podcasts and Audio Books.

I am very interested in History and I enjoy Books, Films and TV programs about History, both fact and fiction. So when I heard about this I had to have a look Continue reading


Daemonium – available on Netflix (spoiler light)

A film in Spanish
Subtitles in Arabic, English, French and Polish. Closed Caption in Spanish.
1h 55mins
Available on Netflix.

Dany Casco
Walter Cornás
Caro Angus

Directed by Pablo Perés

This is a film made in Argentina. Filmed in Spanish it is presented on Netflix with subtitles in a range of languages.

Daemonium is a film set in an alternate world where magic is real and seeps in from ‘elsewhere’.

The story follows three major characters. Razor, a mercenary trying to better his life for himself and his family. Fulcanelli, a wily magician with a handy pack of cards. Rebecca, a mysterious young woman with several identical ‘siblings’…

I came across Daemonium in 2013. At that point it was a two part series on YouTube. Each part was free standing and could be watched in isolation.

My introduction was via Jared Butler who runs Wasteland Weekend, a Post Apocalyptic themed film festival in California. Jared voiced Judge Dredd in the Fan Film Judge Minty and recommended Daemonium to me. Continue reading

The Beatles – A Graphic Novel by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson (preview pages)

Beatles Cover

The Beatles Story
Writer: Angus Allan
Artist: Arthur Ranson
Published: 22nd February 2018
Hardcover & Digital
95 Pages

Originally published serialised in Look In 1981-82

Angus Allan wrote a number of stories for the TV tie-in magazines such as Century 21 and Look-In. He also wrote for the News Paper serial Garth for the Daily Mirror.

It was in Look-In that he was paired with Arthur Ranson on titles such as Sapphire and Steel and Danger Mouse.

Regular readers, or given the lack of articles recently hopefully returning readers, of this Blog will know Arthur Ranson better for his work in 2000AD such as Mazeworld, Button Man and Anderson Psi Division.

This is a story first published between 1981 & 1982 in Look-In.  Continue reading

Lawgiver MkIV – a Dredd Convention – Saturday 26th May 2018 in Bristol, UK


Saturday 26th May 2018
at Double Tree by Hilton
Bristol, BS1 6NJ

Tickets – £25.00
Traders – £20.00

Guest List:
Alan Grant, Mick McMahon, Simon Bisley, Henry Flint, John Higgins, Pete Doherty, Thomas Foster, David Roach, Ryan Brown, Dylan Teague, Patrick Goddard, Mike Collins, Steve Austin.

Lawgiver is an unauthorised Judge Dredd Convention run on a ‘not for ptofit’ basis. There are no ties with 2000AD or Rebellion, the owners of 2000AD. This is a fan event run by fans and run for fans.

I’ve been involved with Lawgiver from the start, I was asked to be part of the Organiser Group by the Promoters, Rule32Cafe. So this isn’t 100% unbiased nut as I only publicise things I like that doesn’t alter what I’ll say.

This is a day long event aimed at fans of Judge Dredd, Focus is predominantly on the Comic Character as published by the IP holders Rebellion but all things Dredd are welcome from print to screen.

In the past we’ve focused on the amazing Fan Film Judge Minty and of course the 2012 film Dredd. Obviously we are as excited about the upcoming TV series, Mega City One. expected sometime around (late) 2019.

What happens at Lawgiver? Continue reading

Star Wars: Shattered Empire (spoiler light)

Star Wars Journey to Force Awakens Shattered Empire.jpgStar Wars: Journey to Force Awakens – Shattered Empire

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Marco Checchetto, Angel Unzueta, Emilio Laiso
Colourist: Andres Mossa
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

For Lucasfilm
Creative Director: Michael Siglan
Senior Editor: Frank Parisi
Lucasfilm Story Group: Rayne Roberts, Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee

Genre: SciFi, Film Tie-in

(Article originally written 17th January 2017 – unpublished till now. I didn’t think it was fully finished at the time but having read it I’m no longer as dissatisfied as I was)

When the new Marvel/Disney Star Wars comics were announced it was also stated that these stories would be considered canon.

Comic, Novel and Computer Game spin-offs from TV and Film are very often not accepted as canon and that has upset many fans over the years. For me canon is what is in the main vehicle for the story, all the rest may or may bot be canon. So for Star Wars, the films are canon but what else is?

Lucasfilm are specific and the canon sources are the 6 previous films, Clone Wars animated film & TV series and all things created since 25th April 2014. So the Rebels TV show, a number of novels and the Marvel comics.

So what does this comic series add to the Star Wars story? Continue reading

Opinions you don’t agree with are not always wrong. Opinions are not Facts

In the world we live in it is increasingly hard to avoid opinions.

The world is smaller than ever due to the relative ease for many of us to travel great distances in a very short time. That’s been true all my life, I was born in 1967 and though Humans had not yet walked on the moon the age of Steam, Internal Combustion and Jet Propulsion had already pushed this forward increment by increment.

Radio and Television further shrink the world. How many people around the world in the time I was born could sing a song by the Beatles word for word without ever walking through a street where English was the predominant language?

And now the Internet. It is so easy to fire off an opinion in reaction to some impetus, any impetus, and for those opinions to cause a myriad of responses.

My preamble gives some context as to how culture and opinions more easily meet and potentially collide. The point of this article is that Opinion doesn’t equal fact and at times this difference goes unnoticed and causes “issues”.

I’ll use examples to illustrate my point but of course this article in itself is merely an opinion.

Continue reading