The Beatles – A Graphic Novel by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson (preview pages)

Beatles Cover

The Beatles Story
Writer: Angus Allan
Artist: Arthur Ranson
Published: 22nd February 2018
Hardcover & Digital
95 Pages

Originally published serialised in Look In 1981-82

Angus Allan wrote a number of stories for the TV tie-in magazines such as Century 21 and Look-In. He also wrote for the News Paper serial Garth for the Daily Mirror.

It was in Look-In that he was paired with Arthur Ranson on titles such as Sapphire and Steel and Danger Mouse.

Regular readers, or given the lack of articles recently hopefully returning readers, of this Blog will know Arthur Ranson better for his work in 2000AD such as Mazeworld, Button Man and Anderson Psi Division.

This is a story first published between 1981 & 1982 in Look-In. 

As you can see from the preview pages below the story starts at the very beginning giving a brief bio of the Beatles through their childhood to the start of the music careers.

The many line-up and band name changes are charted through the story and a feel of the era is easily garnered through the language of 1980s. If you aren’t used to the term ‘Forms’ for example you may need to guess a few things, though frankly the context makes the meanings pretty obvious. That said of course I have the benefit of living through the era and indeed reading Look-In during the 1980s.

Being unauthorised of course we can’t be certain of all the details not subject to public record. The story presented matches well though with the history most of us may already know.

Rebellion, owners of 2000AD, have become owners of a vast library of comic stories from a variety of publications and this is only one of the releases they have made asnd will undoubtedly continue to make. It is great to have these old comics see light after so long and reach new readers.

Beatles 01

Beatles 02Beatles 03Beatles 04Beatles 05


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