Bram Stoker’s Dracula – an adaptation by Mike Mignola – 25th Anniversary (includes preview pages)

DracC.jpgBram Stoker’s Dracula
an adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 movie
itself based on the Novel bu Bram Stoker


136 page hardcover
ISBN 978-1684053155

August 22nd 2018 – North America
September 25th – UK

25 years ago this was the last Pencils Mike Mignola did before launching Hellboy.

I usually put a Spoiler ranking in the title of my articles but given it is a reprint of a comic based on a well known film based on a famous novel… there isn’t really much I could put that is a Spoiler, That said my Spoilers are usually well below the warning I give.

This was originally published as a 4-part min-series in colour. Presented in this collection in black and white.

The Inks by John Nyberg look very true to Mike Mignola’s work to me.

Preview pages are at the end of this article, they certainly don’t spoil anything. Continue reading

3D Imaginings by Miguel Vasquez

IMG_20180818_160458I came across the art of Miguel Vasquez on Twitter recently.

I have previously published an article about sculptures based on comic images. In that case it was physical sculptures based on 2000AD characters. In this case the sculpts are 3D images bringing TV Cartoon characters to life.

You can see much more of these images, including some WIP (work in progress) on Miguel’s Instagram account.

Fan art is often something created deeply from the heart. I think Miguel enjoyed a lot of Cartoon Network, other channels are available (he seems to have watched several). Continue reading

Judge Dredd: Nobody Apes The Law -Spoiler Light (preview pages included) – 23rd August 2018 (UK) 12th September (US)


    Writers: John Wagner, Alan Grant, Arthur Wyatt
    Artists: Jake Lynch, Jason Brashill, Arthur Ranson, Ian Gibson, Brett Ewins, Mick McMahon
    Colourists: Richard Elson, Gary Caldwell
    Letterers: Tony Jacob, Thom, Tom Frame, Annie Parkhouse
  • RELEASE DATE: 23rd August 2018 (UK) 12th September (US)
  • PAPERBACK, 146 pages
  • PRICE: £14.99 (UK) $19.99 (US)
  • ISBN: 9781781086339
  • DIAMOND: JUN181955

Iconic villain Don Uggie Apelino was introduced to readers of 2000AD in Prog 39 in November 1977. He was instantly popular and though his appearances are few the concept behind the character has persisted.

Don Uggie and his henchmen were uplifted Apes. Uplifted in 2000AD refers to an animal which has been genetically modified to have an intelligence on a par with the average Human. This was explored further in Prog 126 in August 1979 in the story The Guinea Pig That Changed The Law this isn’t included in this collection as it was about a Cat and a Guinea Pig, I digress.

The stories presented here are a selection of the many stories that explore Uplifts and how they fit in to the world of Judge Dredd. They include Harry Heston, a character originally created by fans Stewart Perkins and Jake Lynch for the fanzine Class of ’79, here in stories written by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch. Continue reading