The Process of Elimination – a Rico Dredd e-novel by Michael Carroll – 3rd October 2018

5129LwYlW9L.jpgRico Dredd: The Titan Year
The Process of Elimination

Written by Michael Carroll

Available from Amazon for Kindle

Cover by Michael Carroll and Pye Parr

Published by Abaddon Books
Kindle Edition 3rd October 2018

Rico Dredd created by Pat Mills and Mike McMahon

This is the second e-novel by Michael Carroll about the the incarceration of Rico Dredd in the Prison facility on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Fans of the comic know him well, if you only know him from the 1995 film, forget what you know as the film isn’t in the same continuity as this book. Rather the book is in the comic continuity.

Rico Dredd is the ‘twin’ of the famous Judge Dredd, Joe. They are not actually twins, instead they are clones of the first Chief Judge of Mega City One, Eustace Fargo. You can read more about Rico in my article Who is Rico Dredd – slightly out of date once this book is published.

Michael Carroll is a regular writer of Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. You can find several articles on here about his work outside 2000AD, including Razorjack: Double-Crossing and Hunter: A Superhero Clash Continue reading

2000AD Prog 2100 – New Readers Start Here – 26th September 2018

P2100 cover

2000AD Prog 2100
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release Saturday 22nd September 2018

General release in print & digital Wednesday 26th September 2018

Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Cover: George Perez
Colours: Paul Mounts

Genre – Sci-Fi

This Prog’s line-up:

P2100 Nerve.jpg

With 41 years of publishing history and a continuity that is rarely re-written 2000AD can be a daunting comic to dip in to. For that very reason there is a regular ‘Jump on Prog’, an issue where all stories start with a new arc. Not a reboot but often an easing in to a story.

This is one such issue and comes in a bumper 52 pages. There are a variety of stories and in most cases you need very little previous knowledge to just jump on board. Continue reading

Death Sentence: Liberty -Kickstarter launch

Death Sentence Libery
Written by Monty Nero
Illustrated by Martin Simmonds

When I first heard about Death Sentence I was instantly interested. This is the first issue third series about characters who develop superhero powers after contracting an STD. Clearly it is adult themed and hit pulls few punches.

Monty has been published in 2000AD and has done a few Marvel titles. This however is his Creator Owned project.

The first series started in October 2013 illustrated by Mike Dowling. Series two, Death Sentence: London was released in June 2015, this time with Martin Simmonds.

I’ve written quite a few articles about this series of books and I’m looking forward to the next installment. I’m unapologetic for the amount of articles and there are a few links to some below.

This series struck me as a unique take on superheroes and it explores many aspects of Human nature, not all are pleasant.  Continue reading