Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me – TV series review (spoiler free)

Originally Aired BBC2 Tuesday 18th December 2018.

Presenter Gordon Buchanan

Producer Anwar Mamon

Executive Producer Ted Oakes

Executive Producer Wendy Rattray

I have reviewed several wildlife documentaries, including previous series in this ‘family’ of programmes.

Previous series have seen Gordon Buch as an follow a family of animals through the development of their young. This series looks at orphaned young being prepared for release in to the wild.

The Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Bubonitsy village in the Tver Region, 450 km northwest of Moscow. The Pazhetnov family have run the centre for three generations. It is a family run charitable organisation.

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They Have Mental Health Issues? – But They Look Happy! (Triggers: people making assumptions, diagnosis)

I have been diagnosed today with mild Psychosis. GP isn’t sure yet if it is a side effect of medication or not.

I have been on the current medication before. I haven’t had Psychosis as a side effect before. I have had a few Psychotic experiences when not on medication.

So we are giving ut two weeks to see if it fades. If not we’ll move on to plan how to tackle it.

This article is rather long. If you make it to the end I hope you feel it doesn’t ramble for no reason. I hope you find it structured.

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