Mall by Moreci, Dauberman, Hartong, Duke & Campbell – spoiler light preview


Published by Vault

Written by
Michael Moreci & Gary Dauberman
Zak Hartong
Addison Duke
Jim Campbell

Publisher: Damian A Wassel
Editor in Chief: Adrian F Wassel
Art Director: Nathan C Wooton

I’ve read quite a few Comics by Michael Moreci, you can find a few reviews on this site. I particularly recommend Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Hoax Hunters. Here he is writing with Screenwriter and Director, Gary Dauberman. I’m assuming the plot originated with Dauberman and Moreci adapted it for comics- that’s just a guess.

I found his comics because I follow the Letterer Jim Campbell on Twitter. Jim Letters a lot of comics I like There is a common root, Jim wrote Inspectre in Judge Dredd Magazine. He has lettered many comics featuring other creators from 2000AD.

I don’t think the cover above is the final version. Vault tend to credit all the creators, including Letterer and the digital copy I am previewing from does this. Given that I often by a book based on the Letterer this is a good idea. I doubt many other readers do the same, Many readers overlook the importance of a good letterer. You can read an Interview with Jim Campbell on this blog.

Mall is set after the world we know it has ended, civilisation continued in a large shopping mall. You can read about this in the preview pages at the end of this article. What happened to the world probably won’t matter and if it doesn’t matter to the story keep it brief – they do.

Varying tribes exist in the Mall and I suspect we’ll see some interesting contrasts as the series progresses.

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