Measuring Time. 2019 giving way to 2020 (MH Triggers – NYE Resolutions, Change)

At this time, when one year us ending and another beginning people often look back at time passed and forward at tiusing the nearest weather station to meme yet to come.

Some people set out realistic aims.

Fot some though this can lead to people making themselves promises they may never keep. Sometimes simply setting the bar too high can cause stress.

And more so this year. People are celebrating the end of a Decade and thr start of another. In some ways it seems people are overloading on making decisions about their future.

But all this needs to be put in perspective. It can be very healthy for people to see a tome that can be used to reset their lives for one reason or another.

But is the best time?

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Make Believe – Royal Armouries Leeds

Royal Armouries, Leeds Dock, Leeds.

The image above was taken on 27th December 2019. I was at the Armouries with a friend for a Film Night.

The Museum shuts at 17:00 but for the special event they reopened at 18:00. We had access to the latest new display of film props, an opportunity to get hands on with some props and replicas and at 19:00 there was a short talk and then a screening of Aliens.

The Film Nights are to accompany the new display “Make: Believe” which showcases arms and armour from screen.

There have been a number of other special events to celebrate the new display.

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