What I learnt This Week 22nd June to 28th June 2020

Now regular article about what I learnt in a week.

I need to get back to regular articles about Comics too but with my day job and planning my Fiction Writing I’m short of time. I will try to find some time in the coming week.

As I’ve said before I learn new things regularly. Most of us learn new things but dso we always pause to acknowledge this?

As well as not having enough time to write articles about Comics I’m also watching less Documentaries, thus restricting chances to add to the list of what I’ve learnt. But still, I think I have learnt a fair number of things recently. Continue reading

What I learnt This Week – 15th June to 21st June 2020

My third weekly article recording things I have learnt.

Learning is a life long journey. No matter who you are and what you do you are a sum of what you have learnt.

I learn in many ways. I read a lot and I watch Documentaries. And if I come across something that intrigues me I will research. I did this from childhood and would often sit reading Encyclopaedia entries. Now of course with a 4G Smartphone in my pocket my research can be fairly thorough quite quickly.

I often have Insomnia, it manifests in many ways and I have different Coping Mechanisms to deal with this. Watching Documentaries can distract me and afterwards I can sleep. Other times I will read; that could be a novel, News Articles, Scienticis Papers, all sorts. Continue reading

Things I learnt in the week 8th June to 14th June 2020

This is the second attempt at a weekly contest on things I learnt. I meant to keep a note of things to ensure I included a variety of things… I forgot.

I’m not a great taker of notes. At work people often comment on it, my memory is pretty good so I tend not to need notes. And I find  notes go out if date. I mentor people at work and often find they are confused about something because their detailed notes from 2014 are out of date.

But given that I must have learnt more than I remember at time of writing maybe I learnt that I sometimes need to take notes.

One topic I am certain I learnt something about was USA Culture. But darned if I can recollect what it was right now. Likely tonight I will wake yelling “that’s what it was!”

I did definitely learn done things during the week though and they include things about UK culture, Science, History and Comics.

Given my varied interests as can be seen by looking through this blog those topics aren’t much of a surprise.

So, what did I learn? Continue reading

Black2Nature – a project to encourage Minority Ethnic youth to engage with Nature

M87051_HELENA_CRAIG_DS-35 copy 2January 2015, Bristol, UK 13 year old Mya-Rose realised when she was out and about in nature she never saw anyone else who looks like her.

Mya-Rose had been actively following her hoppy of Ornithology for years and ringing wild birds for study since 9 years old. It wasn’t her age, Mya-Rose is half Bangladeshi, she wasn’t seeing other darker skinned people.

Instead of ignoring this she did something about it, she founded Black2Nature.

Mya-Rose was awarded an Honourary Doctorate of Science for her Enviromental work, including Black2Nature.

I read a thread on Twitter today from Mya-Rose and was instantly impressed by her drive and dedication.

My Twitter is fairly varied, like this Blog. I follow a lot of people involved in Science and Nature. I’m not sure who retweeted Mya-Rose or I would credit them.

I’ve recently been seeing things on Twitter such as #BlacBirdersWeek, #BlackAFinSTEM and #BlackInNature. Highlighting a shortage of POC in Nature and Science. I know the first I saw of these Hashtags – on a Tweet from Palaeontologist Yara Haridy.

Mya-Rose’s Tweet gave a lively an in depth account of Black2Nature.

Continue reading

The History of Comics by Comic Scene – on Kickstarter

kickThe History of Comics
on Kickstarter

Ends Thursday, 30th July 2020

An ambitious project. The Kickstarter is for the first 4 books in a planned series to chart the history of Comics.

Particularly ambitious as the scope includes the years 1930 to 2030. So a history of Comics not yet written.

The History of Comics goes further back than 1930 and the series promises to deal with this. Continue reading

Slavery – It was not the Prevailing Morality during the Slave Trade

Frequently when Racism and Slavery are mentioned some people will state that Slavery was a product of the prevailing morality of the day. This simply isn’t the case.

There is adequate evidence easily found to show a different story. That isn’t to say morals were not different, clearly morals have varied throughout all Human History.

Everything I am including in the article is readily available to find. It has been documented for centuries. We know many of these things exactly because they were documented.

History isn’t hidden, but these facts are not widely taught and it skews understanding, often to fit a preferred narrative. Take for example the UK commemorating the Bicentennial of the Abolition of Slavery in 2007 and repeating the disingenuous quote that Britain was the first country to outlaw Slavery. Even though the Slavery Abolition Act was not passed until 1833. I wrote about this claim in 2015, spoiler Britain wasn’t the first.

I’m starting in Tudor England to illustrate my point. Continue reading

What I learnt this week 1st June to 7th June 2020

I may not do these posts weekly but I do tend to learn things each week. That said I struggled a little thinking of things to include today.

My interests include Reading, Writing, History, Nature and Science. I often write about topics around these areas of interest.

I watch a fair few Documentaries, though not so many recently. In fact watching Documentaries is often something I do to cope with Anxiety and Depression.

So, what did I learn this week? Continue reading