Interview with Shea Proulx

I first came across Shea when Alexander Finbow approached me. I have Previewed and Reviewed books from Renegade Arts Entertainment before and he wondered if I was interested in some more recent examples.

Renegade Arts are based in Canada and publish quality creator owned projects.

I really like to sorry Independant publishers and Alexander has always been great with communication so I was delighted to say “yes”.

So I reviewed Necromantic by Lovern Kindzierski, David Ross, Geof Isherwood, Christopher Chucky & Taylor Esposito and ABC of Monstrosity by Shea Proulx.

ABC of Monstrosity is currently on Kickstarter instead if being at Conventions.

I’ve done quite a few interviews but haven’t done one for quite a while so Iput a call out on Twitter to see who might want an Interview and Shea volunteered. Continue reading

What I learnt This Week – 28 June to 04 July 2020

The more Eagle-eyed reader might spot a difference this week.

Last Week I covered 22nd to 28th June. This week I’m starting on 28 June. I realised that publishing on Sunday was restricting me a little as I was including the day I published. So from now I will cover the previous Sunday to Saturday. That way if I learn something after publishing I don’t need to squeeze it in to Monday…

I’m aware no one reading this would know I had fudged it… but if it troubled me when I realised.

This article won’t double up on anything I learnt on 28th…

You may also have noticed I have dropped the ‘th’ in the date format. I am doing this as I am aware non-native English Speakers sometimes struggle with ‘st’ and ‘nd’. Dates are clear enough without them. I use Month name to avoid International/US date convention confusion.

So, what did I learn in this week? Continue reading

Judge Dredd: Uprising – LIVE Experience in London, UK – Due to open Spring 2021

Hardly a surprise that as a fan of 2000AD and Judge Dredd from the start the news of this Live Event is extremely interesting to me

This blog started life for a Judge Dredd online RPG which stumbled and fell. I’d previously been one of the Games Masters and Players on Play Dredd RPG Forum which had folded and hoped to continue.

Then the 2012 Dredd film by Alex Garland came along and I went to the Fan Pre-release Screening in London. Had a brilliant day and saw a film which brought the feel of the comic to the screen, something I felt the 1995 Stallone movie had failed to do.

So this blog became a Review & Preview blog for Films, Comics and Books with an unapologetic bias towards Judge Dredd, 2000AD and British Indie Comics. That’s not to say I don’t Review and Preview International comics. I’ve branched out very widely since starting, writing about History, Science & Nature, Mental Health and other topics.

My main focus though is likely to always be Judge Dredd.

So what is Judge Dredd: Uprising? Continue reading

Herd issues 1 & 2 – Spoiler light Review

herd2 coverHherd1 covererd Issues 1 & 2
Published by
Floating Rock Comics

Funded via Kickstarter

Geoff Richards
Artist: Peter Habjan
Inker:  (1) Peter Habjan
(2) Matthew Seaborne
Colourist: (1) John Charles
(2) Prasad Patnaik
Letterer: Rob Jones

Herd is set in Prehistory and tells a story of two different Species of Human. Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Vampyrus.

Brought to us via Kickstarter from the pen of Geoff Richards. Geoff has brought together a team with varied Comic experience.

Peter Habjan is from an Animation background, working as an Animator and Storyboard Artist.

Matthew Seaborne is an Inker and has worked on a few Indie Comics.

John Charles is a Colourist for 2000AD, IDW, and Panini. He is also a Graphic Designer for Trident Comics.

Prasad Patnaik is an Indie Comic Colourist and two time winner of Best Colourist at India Comic Con.

Rob Jones is a Letterer for Image, BHP Comics, DC Thompson and a variety of other Indie and Small Press comics.

That is a fairly wide mix of experience, it doesn’t show. There are preview pages from each issue at the end of the review. Continue reading