Who is The Mandalorian – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

Mando openingMy final countdown article. Season 2 of The Mandalorian debuts tomorrow (at time of writing) on Disnety+.

Ive been writing about several of the major characters from The Mandalorian. This time it is Mando himself.

These articles contain Spoilers for Season 1 throughout. There are Spolier Light Reviews of each Episode of Season 1 on this blog.

You can find links to all my Star Wars articles in this earlier Post.

The Mandalorian, commonly referred to as Mando, is portrayed by Pedro Pascal. There are spoilers from here on. Continue reading

Non English Language Film & TV Recommendations 2 – Netflix

This is the second article highlighting Non English Films or TV shows I have enjoyed.

I don’t watch much live TV anymore. Countryfile on a Sunday is the program I try to alwaysa see live. Not that I don’t see other programs live but I tend to use catchup services.

I watch plenty of British shows obviously. And a fair amount of US shows.

But I also enjoy exploring non-English TV and Film. Some show quite a different angle at storytelling. Others are largely similar to British or US shows, and of course there are differences between those as well.

Here is a selection of three. All in a different Language to each other. There are minor Spoilersbelow. Continue reading

Who is Moff Gideon – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

Moff GideonThis is the penultimate of my articles looking aty major characters from Season 1 of The Mandalorian.

There are some major spoilers in this article. You can however read some Spoiler Light reviews of each chapter.

Links to all my Star wars articles can be found in this earlier article. Continue reading

Everything in Moderation – Live vs Video Comic Panels for Cons

Fringe logo final-1Today I recorded a Zoom conversation with three Guests. Shea Proulx, Montynero and Umar Ditta.

This is for Thought Bubble Fringe – part of Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival.

This will be released during the Festival – It will be on YouTube on Thursdayt 12th November 2020.

I Moderate Panels at Lawless, a Comic Convention which usually runs in May in Bristol. It is a much different scale to Thought Bubble, usually around 20 Guests with 200 members of the public.

So what did I find different today filming a conversation over Zoom compared to sat on a Stage with the Guests? Continue reading

Who is Cara Dune – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

mando 4Continuing my brief write-ups of the major Characters from The Mandalorian. This is my way of counting down to Season 2 – which starts on 30th October 2020 in Disney+.

These articles carry Spoilers for Season 1, so avoid them if you haven’t seen Season 1.

You can see links to all my Spoiler Light Reviews of Season 1 and all my articles abouy Star Wars in an earlier article here. Spoilers start below. Continue reading

Death Squad by Alan Hebden, Carlos Ezquerra and Eric Bradbury – spoiler light (6 preview pages)

DeathS CoverDeath Squad
Published by Rebellion

Writer: Alan Hebden
Artists: Carlos Ezquerra & Eric Bradbury

RELEASE DATE: 24 November
PAPERBACK, 128 pages
PRICE: £14.99
ISBN: 9781781087688
Avai;lable from mast stockists 
Treasury of British Comics Website, & apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

There is an introduction from Alan Hebden to this book. I think I need to mention part of that because if you look at the Preview pages at the end of the article youn may spot that Alan is not credited.

Published weekly in Batle from July 1980nti June 1981 the story started Alan had another story in Battle. Historically there were no Credits in British Comics but by this time that had changed. Editorial didn’t want to show the same Writers too often so they decided to use a Psuedonym. – 

Challenging the usual narrative the heroes of this story are the Germans. Punishment regiments were thrown at the Eastern Front, in some ways disposble units. Their enemy were the allies of Britain, the Russians.

Language in this book includes negative racial comments and reflects both the time it was printed as well as the period it is set. Soldiers after all speak like Soldiers.

Continue reading

There for you – original poem by Steve Hargett

I used to write poetry quite a lot in the past. I also  used to do live poetry recotals as a child, competitively – though not my compositions.

I have had a poem published but it was a throw away piece in truth.

I haven’t composed a poem for a while. The last one annoys my youngest Granddaughter so I do recite it for her at appropriaye times obviously.

This came to me today and I wrote it in one sitting and only edited one word after first draft. Continue reading