Who is Ahsoka Tano? – Spoilers for The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2

the-mandalorian-ahsoka-tano-posterOne of the most talked about characters before the launch of the Second Series of The Mandalorian was Ahsoka Tano.

Originally portrayed in The Clone Wars {2008) feature film by Ashley Eckstein. She went on to be a major player in the cartoon series Clone Wars and a major support character in Rebels.

Casting rumours suggested Rosario Dawson was cast to bring Ahsoka to Live Action.

This happened in the 5th Episode of Season 2, officially numbered as Chapter 12.

Spoilers are hard to miss these days and I have to assume readers know at least these basics. From here on I discuss Ahsoka’s past and this has Spoliers for Episode 12 and potential plot Spoilers for later in the season – I’m not speculating what will happen, just breakdown some details from her past that tie in to what we know from The Mandalorian.

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