365 Poems for 2021 # 30

Watching ‘The Dig’ on Netflix about the excavation at Sutton Ho. Famously an Anglo Saxon burial mound.

I am a fan of History and live watching programs about Archaeology and all things similar.

I’m a Member of Royal Armouries here in Leeds and usually attend the museum dizens of times in a year. Of course I currently can’t at the moment.

Sadly of course we learn about History but all to often do not learn from History…

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365 Poems for 2021 #28


Apparently during the Covid Pandemic more and more people are experiencing Insomnia.

There are different ways it exhibits itself. Inability to get to sleep. Constant waking. Long periods of waking with short periods of sleep.

There are also a few different reasons someone might have Insomnia. Two are obits reasons why the Pandemic could cause Insomnia.

Stress and Anxiety. Worried about getting ill, or of others being ill. Worrying because someone is ill. Loneliness. Couped up with the same faces dsy in day out. Worried about work,  money,  school.

Bad “Sleep Hygiene”. No that doesn’t mean a messy bed with unwashed sheets. Sleep Hygiene is maintaining healthy slerping habits. When you sleep, what you do before sleep. If the Pandemic makes all days feel the same maybe it us also making you sleep at the wrong time.

Me? I have had Insomnia to greater of lesser degrees for 20 years or more. Mine is caused mostly by my Anxiety & Depression. This can also include hyper activity.

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365 Poems for 2021 #27

Sometimes I am quick to lose my temper. Usually at inanimate objects that malfunction. The thing is with my level of Anxiety and Depression if this surfaces it is out of control from the start.

It can take some effort to regain control. 

One of the best ways for me is to get outside.

I’m pretty lucky. I live about 8 miles outside Leeds, fourth biggest City in the UK, but also two streets from the countryside.

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365 Poems for 2021 #26

Sometimes things happen outside our control. Covid 19 is a good example of course.

But there are lots of things that e can’t directly control that can pop up and cause problems in our lives. One happened for me today at work, I can’t discuss work here but the principal is the same.

Often I over react. Sometimes it is reasonable to be upset or concerned, it is important to acknowledge that. I often still over react.

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365 Poems for 2021 #25

Today is Holocaust Day. Where we remember the millions killed in Nazi Concentration Camps. 6 Million Jews along with millions of others were killed. Among those murdered were Roma and Sinti, SlaviC POWs, Gay people,  Jehovah’s Witnesses, Disabled People, Political Dissidents and Resistance.

Hundreds of thousands were experimented on and forcibly sterilised.

Other than the Death Camps there were enforced labour camps where people were forced to work in terrible conditions.

Holocaust Memorial Day also remembers people from other incidents of mass murder on Cultural, Religious, Political (etc) grounds such as Rawanda, Cambodia and Former Yougoslavian Republics.

I was raised by a father who spoke often of injustices to others. He not only highlighted the Nazis but he was honest about UK History too. He told me at a young age about injustices in India, Australia and other conquered or annexed territories.

I have challenged Racist behaviour in person.

I do not mention Religion often but am a Christian and part of my faith, personal and part oc the UK Methodist Church is to accept differences. I do not question other people’s Faith or how it is practiced. So long as behaviours are not in place to harm others.

My son was name Saul as he must find his own way on life. A Christian using a very Jewish name is unusual, though most Bible names are common among Christians in the UK there are exceptions. My Son’s name makes Holocaust Memorial Day mean a little more to me I think.

I am not claiming perfection I make errors obviously. But no matter the differences as People we also have a lot in common.

Marvel in the differences and the similarities. Holocausts happen when someone chooses to use differences if some kind to ‘Other’ someone. Don’t allow this to happen, let us learn from the past.

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365 Poems for 2021 #24

Something really commonplace these days is that some people will tell people they are having the wrong fun. More annoying is when people the others they aren’t allowed a type of fun.

For example I recently read on Twitter a person telling someone “we have a phrase for that, False Gamer” because they disagreed on the level of reality required in an RPG. The person using the negative comment wanted more reality in Tabletop RPGs. Errr… I am a huge fan of these type of games. They are not realistic. And someone wanting to suspend disbelief is allowed to do so in an RPG. If not there where???

That’s someone saying someone else is having the “wrong fun”.

In a Comic shop some punters hanging out there were insulting Pokemon Go players. Apparently “sad losers”. It was my LCS, saying that gives away I am a Comic nerd. “Says the guy hanging around in a Comic Shop, people can’t have the ‘wrong fun’ you know.”

I then paid for my ‘pull list’, I don’t like that term (standing order will do), and left so I could continue with my Pokémon Go (earlier incorrect spelling deliberate for effect in this paragraph).

And worse, you should see how often Female Gamers or Comic Nerds are accused of being “fake”. Or worse still, “just pretending so they can get a boyfriend”. Nah, I know plenty of Female nerds.

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365 Poems for 2021 #23

Today I watched a program about Katue Price, aka the Model Jordan, and her don Harvey. I am not a big Celeb watcher but when my Daughter lives at home she used to watch Katie Price’s program as she likes Peter Andre.

So I was intrigued how Harvey was doing.  Harvey is the son of Katie Price and footballer Dwight Yorke. Harvey has complicated needs with several serious health conditions. He is now 18 so moving from support for children to support gor adults.

Having watched Harvey in his younger days we feel we know him. That’s the odd thing about Celebrities, we think we know them when all we see is usually what they want us to see or Tabloid intrusion.

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365 Poems for 2021 #22

In the intro to the previous Poem I mentioned that this Blog started as part of a Judge Dredd Rpg.

I had been playing in a game called Play Dredd. It was a Play by Forum game, turn based with A Games Master compiling all the Players’ input in to a cohesive scene. This format was rules light and diceless.

If you don’t play Role Playing Games most of the above is gibberish.

I’ve been playing Tabletop RPGs since Feb 1984, I was 16. I went on to play Live Role Playing Games (LARP) and a few online (there need to be other people playing with me or it isn’t an RPG to me).

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365 Poems for 2021 #21

This Blog  started off as a place for a Judge Dredd RPG that never started. Then it became a Reviews blog for Comics & Film with a firm Judge Dredd bias.

The top read article is about Polar Bears.

Polar Bears.

That is because the Blog diversified and I wrote about History, Science & Nature and more – including reviews about Jousting

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