365 Poems for 2021 #27

Sometimes I am quick to lose my temper. Usually at inanimate objects that malfunction. The thing is with my level of Anxiety and Depression if this surfaces it is out of control from the start.

It can take some effort to regain control. 

One of the best ways for me is to get outside.

I’m pretty lucky. I live about 8 miles outside Leeds, fourth biggest City in the UK, but also two streets from the countryside.

365 Poems for 2021 #27


Zero to sixty isn't in it,
So fast it can't be seen.

Vision blurs,
Sound muffles,
My voice is loud.

Random sentences,
Lost coordination,
Anything I attempt,
Will go wrong.

Everything is close,

Outdoors is full of peace,
All seasons bring bliss.

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