365 Poems for 2021 #28


Apparently during the Covid Pandemic more and more people are experiencing Insomnia.

There are different ways it exhibits itself. Inability to get to sleep. Constant waking. Long periods of waking with short periods of sleep.

There are also a few different reasons someone might have Insomnia. Two are obits reasons why the Pandemic could cause Insomnia.

Stress and Anxiety. Worried about getting ill, or of others being ill. Worrying because someone is ill. Loneliness. Couped up with the same faces dsy in day out. Worried about work,  money,  school.

Bad “Sleep Hygiene”. No that doesn’t mean a messy bed with unwashed sheets. Sleep Hygiene is maintaining healthy slerping habits. When you sleep, what you do before sleep. If the Pandemic makes all days feel the same maybe it us also making you sleep at the wrong time.

Me? I have had Insomnia to greater of lesser degrees for 20 years or more. Mine is caused mostly by my Anxiety & Depression. This can also include hyper activity.

365 Poems for 2021 #28

Perchance to Dream

Aye, there's the rub.

The Bard was talking of the long sleep,
Not the gentle rest we need between days.

Day by day we move forwards,
Plodding along or skipping,
No difference,
For between each day we need rest.

It is a constant and basic need,
With food, water and shelter, 
Rest is required,
So we can face each day.

Eyes open,
Constant thoughts,
Darkness of a different kind.

Senses that won't turn off,
A squeaking gate,
Odd sounds all around,
Did I lock the door?

This needs doing,
How will I cope,
Where will I find it,
Do they still love me.


Try and try but it makes bo difference.


Sometimes just accept you are resting, 
Calmness in rest is at least rest.

Put aside distractions,
No screentime in bed,
If you must, sit in a chair,
Bed is for sleep.

Retrain the mind,
The body will follow.

To sleep, perchance to dream,
To dream,
To wake refreshed can seem a dream.

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