365 Poems for 2021 # 30

Watching ‘The Dig’ on Netflix about the excavation at Sutton Ho. Famously an Anglo Saxon burial mound.

I am a fan of History and live watching programs about Archaeology and all things similar.

I’m a Member of Royal Armouries here in Leeds and usually attend the museum dizens of times in a year. Of course I currently can’t at the moment.

Sadly of course we learn about History but all to often do not learn from History…

365 Poems for 2021 #30


Tens of Thousands of years have passed,
Since we looked the way we do.

Each generation strove to survive,
Challenges they faced were similar, 
Food, shelter, companionship, safety.

No matter the differences,
We are little different. 

Each individual had thoughts, 
They had feelings, hopes aspirations, 
They woke and slept and lived.

They had the same capacity,
They had the same promise.

Fathers and Mothers,
Sons and Daughters,
Connections through the generations. 

They lived and died before we came,
They've seen it all before.

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