Sentinel Issue 6 – Pocket Book – Live in Kickstarter – Spoiler Light Preview

Sent6 cover

Sentinel Issue 6
Bad Kitty

Self Published via Kickstarter

Previous Issues available on Etsy

Alan Holloway
Morgan Gleave
Book Design:
Ed Doyle

I’ve been backing Sentinel on Kickstarter for most of their issues. Kickstarter is a great place to find Comics. This was the case before Covid but for some it has become more important. 

On Kickstarter you can find Creator Owned comics from well known names. You can also find books like this which Publishers may be reliuctant to take risks on due to sales of similar products.

Sentinel is inspired by DC Thompson’s ‘Starblazer’. 64 Page Pocket Books were very popular in the 1970s, few still exist. Commando is probablyt the best known which has continued through the years. 

Sentinel was planned quite a while before Issue 1 was launched in May 2020. I am aware Alan Holloway had already scripted several issiues and had Artists lined up in advance.

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