Opinions you don’t agree with are not always wrong. Opinions are not Facts

In the world we live in it is increasingly hard to avoid opinions.

The world is smaller than ever due to the relative ease for many of us to travel great distances in a very short time. That’s been true all my life, I was born in 1967 and though Humans had not yet walked on the moon the age of Steam, Internal Combustion and Jet Propulsion had already pushed this forward increment by increment.

Radio and Television further shrink the world. How many people around the world in the time I was born could sing a sing by the Beatles word for word without ever walking through a street where English was the predominant language?

And now the Internet. It is so easy to fire off an opinion in reaction to sine impetus, any impetus, and for those opinions to cause a myriad of responses.

My preamble gives some context as to how culture and opinions more easily meet and potentially collide. The point of thus article is that Opinion doesn’t equal fact and at times this difference goes unnoticed and causes “issues”.

I’ll use examples to illustrate my point but of course this article in itself is merely an opinion.

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Don’t take your Health for granted (MH Potential Triggers: Crisis, Surgery, Death, Eating Disorders)

On 8th June I made a very personal announcement explaining why I wasn’t writing articles for this Blog. In many ways I am a very private person and I wouldn’t have mentioned my illness at all apart from the fact that I was forced to withdraw from being part of Lawgiver this year, this was the third annual (unofficial) Judge Dredd Convention and I have been involved from year 1.

I was in hospital from 19/05/16 to 11/07/16. I was admitted due to complications of newly diagnosed Diabetes which culminated in a very serious operation.

I am making good recovery but I still tire easily and I will be attending multiple Outpatient Clinics. I also need a further operation.

My physical health is usually quite good. I do live with Mental Health issues and sometimes write about the subject; which is why I put Trigger Warnings in the heading to this article.

It was a minor ailment that took me to my GP’s Surgery. If I hadn’t gone that day the outcome could have been very different.

This is a very personal story and isn’t easy for me to write. But if it makes just one person think a little more about their health and have things checked out it will be worth it. Continue reading

Judge-Tutor Semple Down.

I am not going to go in to detail but I thought I would explain the complete lack of articles at the moment.

I was admitted to Hospital on 19/05/16 suddenly, though not via A&E, and I am still here. I have been quite ill indeed while here.

Not only has it meant I haven’t been able to write articles I also can’t see any Previews I may have been sent as I can’t access my email from here.

I also couldn’t attend Lawgiver MKIII, a Judge Dredd convention. I have been part of Lawgiver since it started. I run Panels generating discussion between the Guests. That was quite a blow.

I now know I am here for at least 3 more weeks. On the bright side when I get out of here I am getting a new PC. No one will notice the difference other than me.

I’ll recommence writing articles as soon as I can and I hope my readers stick around.

Post Thought Bubble & Pre Lawgiver – What am I up to?

Semple BadgeNo fibs, the two top periods for me as Judge Tutor Semple are Thought Bubble and Lawgiver.

I’ve been attending Thought Bubble only since 2012, though it does seem longer. Lawgive started in 2014 and I’ve been involved from the start as part of the Organisers’ Group and a Moderator.

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Movember and Me

MoBro_ThumbMovember is a charity that raises money for more than just the Prostate Cancer for which it is widely recognised. Since their founding in 2003 Testicular Cancer, Mental Health and physical activity are also within their scope.

Around the country many men have ceased shaving and are seeking sponsors. Some just cease shaving, some will set an aim for growing a certain type of mustache.

I don’t usually publicise my charitable giving but I decided to take a dip in this particular cause. Anyone that knows me will know that I am hirsute. So what am I doing? Continue reading

Comic Cons and Judge Dredd uniforms

BurdisJudge Dredd inspired costumes are getting to be more and more common sights at Comic Conventions. There are several reasons for this, not least the surge of interest generated by the 2012 movie. I’d say that the increase in interest though definitely started with Judge Minty.

The image to the right above is Senior Street Judge Burdis arresting a Dredd impersonator. Side note, Karl Urban is great as Dredd. This is a comic inspired uniform by Planet Replicas.

planet-replicasPlanet Replicas obtained a licence for Judge Dredd uniforms following their work on the fan film Judge Minty, you can read my interview with Daniel Carey-George about that project.

A full uniform, including a made to measure leather suit, a helmet and all the pads, boots gloves, etc, will set you back £1995.00.

Judges at LawgiverThere are quite a number of Judges on patrol in that uniform now, I was part of Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd and we had a large turn out of Judges as well as our own core group.

On the right is just a selection of those present, there were more.

If you click on that picture you can see the larger version and you will see there are several Dredd 2012 Judges as well as a Brit Cit Judge (Dredd 2012 inspired) and Cal-Hab Judge (comic inspired).

LabelleThere are no licensed Dredd 2012 uniforms. These are all either home-made by the owner or produced with the assistance of fellow costume enthusiasts. A home-made screen accurate uniform costs around £800.00.

On the left  is a closer look at Judge Labelle’s uniform. Again you can click on the picture for a larger version.

Labelle 2You can easily spot the major differences such as the Lion emblem on the helmet and the Union Flag on the badge.

On the right is a picture showing the Lion shoulder pauldron instead of the Eagle of Mega City One.

This uniform shows how much thought goes in to some of the costumes that are put together.

Hondo City JudgeHere is an example of the attention to detail that fans go to. This is a Hondo City Judge (Japan). I saw him at Thought Bubble last year and he’s taken this costume to several other conventions.

hondo judge comicThis is all home-made and I believe all his own work. He has shared many of his design secrets for this and other costumes. Compare his uniform to the comic version. A brilliant adaptation of the comic.

There are many home-made versions of Judge uniforms, comic and film versions alike. It is great to see such public expressions of affection for Judge Dredd.

There are many dedicated fans around the world. Take the video below as an example, this one I haven’t seen for myself I saw the video on a friend’s Facebook page.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADredd has even been seen at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. The national museum displays part of the countries collection of militaria.

In May 2013 the Royal Armouries had a special event showing the arms and armour of characters from fiction. They included a gun fight between Judge Dredd and Pa Angel.

And this brings us back to where I started because this was a uniform lent to them by the Judge Minty team. A prototype of the Planet Replicas version.

Scottish Wildcat – our domestic wildlife in peril

I’ve previously written articles about Polar Bears and Siberian Tigers based on TV programs from BBC as well as in the news regarding Siberian Tigers born in the UK and the views of Zoo Owner Damian Aspinall.

Today I am looking at the risk, the very real risk, that the last large truly domestic mammal predators are facing. The Scottish Wildcat (Felis silvestris grampia) Continue reading