Live Music: Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone – Leeds 30th June 2015

I’m late writing this review, things have been a little less than ideal here. Better late than never.

Tuesday 30th June 2015
The Packhorse
Woodhouse Lane

Headlined and organised by Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone.

I arrived a little later than planned due to the heat, I was going to go straight from work but in the end realised I needed to go home and change. So I missed the opening act and came in part way through the second support, Hombre. Continue reading

Taiko Drumming and other things Japanese at Royal Armouries

Taiko-Drumming-Web-Banner1Royal Armouries 20th February 2015

I remembered to book the day off but forgot to book the event so I missed out on the first part of what I had hoped to experience

At 12:00 there was a Drum Workshop. I love drums and other percussion instruments, I have a few at home and have played some in public for relaxation and for charity. I’m no expert but I have rhythm, handy if you are a percussionist. So I was sad to miss out on this, some lovely drums… never mind I made it to the show at 15:00

There were a number of other attractions during Half-Term week, I often publicisde what is going on at the Arouries even if I am not going but I have been caught up with Dredd articles and work. Continue reading

360 Club Library Leeds – Live Music Review

360 club360 Club
The Library
Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, LS2 3AP

13th December 2015
20:00 to 23:45

A night of Rock was promised with local talent, four Leeds bands. Lost in Olympus, Into the Diode, King Nothing and All I live for.

It was a hectic night in Leeds, pretty much everywhere had live music on.  The early crowd arriving at The Library in Leeds was a good size for this Club 360 event, it wasn’t a capacity crowd though. A good vibe was coming off the crowd and decent numbers were there for the first band.

The details of the band’s line-ups are taken from their Facebook Pages. Continue reading

Save the Snooty Fox, Wakefield – An online campaign

SnootyThe Snooty Fox in Wakefield is a live rock music venue. The owner, Malc Shipman, runs a great venue that is full of character.

Not only do they deliver a top notch sound for the bands and audience but they film the performance and stream the concerts LIVE, subject to copyright.

I’ve been several times, you can read my review of Fox Fest from February 2013. I don’t write much about live music but I do appreciate live bands in local venues (by that I mean pubs and bars rather than huge Arenas and ‘local’ outdoor concerts rather than V or Glastonbury).

Too many local venues close without replacement and it’d be a shame to see one as good as Snooty Fox to go the same way.

Malc has opened a ‘Go Fund Me’ account to raise money to clear some debt and upgrade the facilities. Donations, no matter how small, could help save this great venue.

Fox Fest at Snooty Fox featuring King Nothing – promoted by aLive Promotions.

Saturday 23rd February, Snooty Fox, Wakefield.snootyalive

Fox Fest, promoted by Jim Cameron of  aLive Promotions.

FOX FEST 2013 BAND SCHEDULE (reverse order)

1. King Nothing (LEEDS)
2. The More I See (PETERBOROUGH)
4. RONIN (Worcester)
5. Defy All Reason (WREXHAM)
7. Kill the Silence (LEEDS)
8. Sea of Abrogation (WAKEFIELD) Continue reading