Don’t take your Health for granted (MH Potential Triggers: Crisis, Surgery, Death, Eating Disorders)

On 8th June I made a very personal announcement explaining why I wasn’t writing articles for this Blog. In many ways I am a very private person and I wouldn’t have mentioned my illness at all apart from the fact that I was forced to withdraw from being part of Lawgiver this year, this was the third annual (unofficial) Judge Dredd Convention and I have been involved from year 1.

I was in hospital from 19/05/16 to 11/07/16. I was admitted due to complications of newly diagnosed Diabetes which culminated in a very serious operation.

I am making good recovery but I still tire easily and I will be attending multiple Outpatient Clinics. I also need a further operation.

My physical health is usually quite good. I do live with Mental Health issues and sometimes write about the subject; which is why I put Trigger Warnings in the heading to this article.

It was a minor ailment that took me to my GP’s Surgery. If I hadn’t gone that day the outcome could have been very different.

This is a very personal story and isn’t easy for me to write. But if it makes just one person think a little more about their health and have things checked out it will be worth it. Continue reading


MH – David Bowie – how we remember those that have died (Potential Triggers bereavement

Jareth Sarah.jpgDavid Bowie died on 10th January 2016.

The news broke around 06:30 and was confirmed by his son, Duncan Jones (originally known as Zowie Bowie).

A virtuoso musician of the modern years. David Bowie had a string of hits.

This article isn’t really about David Bowie, more it is about how we remember those that have died. Someone on Twitter asked:

“Is it weird how I remember for being Jareth in as much as his music?”

He didn’t need my reply, but I gave it anyway with a simple ‘Nope’. Because how each life touches ours is individual. Continue reading

MH – Making the Right Choices (possible Triggers: Fluctuating Conditions, Loneliness, Christmas, Suicidal Thoughts)

Anxiety and Depression are fluctuating conditions. Sometimes there may be obvious Triggers that cause bouts of either and at other times there may be no obvious reason.

I have recently experienced extended periods of both issues. The Triggers are not always the main issue of course, that is something that many people mistake.

The point of this article is that when having bouts of Anxiety and Depression many make snap decisions, some life changing. These decisions can be catastrophic and cause more problems. I almost made one such snap decision recently.

This article does focus a lot on me. My Condition, Symptoms and Triggers. Different people have different conditions, Symptoms and Triggers. I mention them in this article simply to be open about the issue. There is no need to have the same ones, no need to compare. The issue of making decisions while in crisis is similar for all regardless of Condition, Symptoms or Triggers.

This article is longer than I intended  Continue reading

Movember and Me

MoBro_ThumbMovember is a charity that raises money for more than just the Prostate Cancer for which it is widely recognised. Since their founding in 2003 Testicular Cancer, Mental Health and physical activity are also within their scope.

Around the country many men have ceased shaving and are seeking sponsors. Some just cease shaving, some will set an aim for growing a certain type of mustache.

I don’t usually publicise my charitable giving but I decided to take a dip in this particular cause. Anyone that knows me will know that I am hirsute. So what am I doing? Continue reading

MH – When Coping Mechanisms can’t Cope (possible Trigger: coping mechanisms not working)

Writing is very important to me.

Not only is it a form in which I find a way to express myself but writing also helps me cope with Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Usually.

At the moment I’m struggling to write. This is due to the fact that levels of Anxiety and Depression I am experiencing are much higher than usual. My reasons may well be very different to the reasons that other people might experience an increase in stress. The reason isn’t the subject of this article – the effects are.

Firstly lets consider Stress. Continue reading

MH – Time To Get Going (possible Trigger: people making assumptions about you)

People make assumptions about other people all the time. That’s a fact of life and it is something that is in fact an important aspect of our lives. By making assumptions and acting upon them we build a picture of ourselves and others. However when doing so many mistakes can be made.

Something I find really quite annoying is when people assume that if I get up late it is due to:

  • Being lazy
  • Staying up late
  • Combination of the two.

I wish that were the case. As with many people with mental health issues  I have difficulty getting going each day. Some days it is very minor, other days I will be either struggling for hours to get going or indolent almost to a state of non-existence.

I am not exaggerating. Anyone who has experienced Depression will be able to understand that feeling of emptyness that sometimes falls. In that state I function only on the most simple terms. I will go to the toilet but I may not eat or drink, drinking is more likely than eating. I will be awake but I won’t move, other than from the bedroom to the bathroom. Continue reading