Judge Dredd – Every Empire Falls – Spoiler Free Preview (including 5 pages)

every-empire-fallsJudge Dredd: Every Empire Falls
Published by Rebellion 9th February 2017

Paperback – 240 Pages
Released simultaneously in:
UK/Ireland £12.99North America $18.99
Barnes & Noble, Independent Bookstores & Comic Stores.
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Script: Michael Carroll
Art: Paul Davidson, Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint, P J Holden, Carlos Ezquerra
Colours: Chris Blythe. Len O’Grady, Adam Brown
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Cover Artist: Tom Foster

Originally published in the Judge Dredd Megazine 371-374 & 2000AD Progs 1850-1854, 1934-1939, 1973-1990

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

This latest collection of Judge Dredd stories published in the pages of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine were all written by Michael Carroll. As with most of the regular Dredd writers he has a great depth of continuity knowledge and we see it in this book. He’s also one of my personal favourites, not that the others are any slouches.

Michael not only writes comics, such as Razorjack with John Higgins, but has also written a number of novels, including a Razorjack novel his popular series about young Superheroes.

Before I go in to a little more detail here’s the Press Release:

Following the decimation of Mega-City One during Chaos Day, Judges from other “friendly” Justice Departments have been brought in to strengthen the ranks and help maintain law and order on the streets. Among the newcomers is Fintan Joyce, son of a former Emerald Isle Judge, who teamed up with Judge Dredd in one of the most fondly remembered Judge Dredd stories. Exploiting Big Meg’s weakened state, several groups have risen up against the Judges. If things couldn’t get any worse, Dredd has fallen foul of Brit-Cit and they want him in prison or on a slab. Have the odds finally stacked up enough to spell the end of Mega-City One’s greatest lawman?

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2000AD ‘Jump On’ Prog 1973 – Spoiler Light (includes Preview pages)

prog 19732000AD Prog 1973
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release Saturday 19th March 2016

General release in print & digital Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Cover: Mark Sexton

Genre – Sci-Fi

This Prog’s line-up:

prog 1973 contents

It has come around again to a Jump On Prog from 2000AD where all the stories in this issue start at Part 1. 2000AD do this roughly every 6 months to make an easy point for new or lapsed readers to delve in (or back in) to the pool of THRILLS that is 2000AD. Continue reading

Where is Gronk? (and who is he anyway?)

GronkA little shameless publicity here.

‘Where is Gronk?’ is a four page story written by myself with Art by Nigel Dobbyn. The story was published this month in the longest running 2000AD fanzine, Dogbreath, issue 31.

This is my first published Comic Strip. I’ve been published previously in Dogbreath issue 28 which ran interviews with the creators of Gronk, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

I’ve been published in other forms including by a Roleplaying Games company both with prose stories and character creations.

But who is Gronk and why did I write a story featuring him?

In this article I give a brief history of the character and a little detail in to this story. There are also comments from the Artist, Nigel Dobbyn and some ‘behind the scenes’ images, peppered through the article, some will look a little unclear as they are pencil sketches but you can see them clearer by clicking on them.

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Rok of the Reds – issue 1 – Wagner, Grant, Cornwell, Bulmer & Campbell (includes preview pages)

Rok 1 CoverRok of the Reds Issue 1 (of 6)
2nd March 2016

Published by BHP Comics

Writers: John Wagner & Alan Grant
Artist: Dan Cornwell
Colours: Abby Bulmer
Letters: Jim Campbell

Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell

Genre – SciFi & Soccer

John Wagner and Alan Grant are giant names in the British Comic industry.

Alan Grant started as an Editor with DC Thomson before joining IPC in 1970. At both companies he met John Wagner. John Wagner had worked mostly on comics aimed at girls for both companies.

The pair sealed their working relationship in 2000AD with a number of pseudonyms on titles such as Judge Dredd, Robo-Hunter and Strontium Dog.

Strontium Dog is where Dan Cornwell comes in. Dan drew a strip for the fanzine Dogbreath and while considering Artists for Rok of the Reds John Wagner saw Dan’s artwork and invited him along.

The announcement of more new work from the Wagner/Grant writing partnership caused a lot of excitement among core readers of British comics. When Dan Cornwell became involved it sent a flutter through the Small Press community. If you think you recall a different name for this comic you are right. It was orginally called Rom of the Reds but the Creators spotted there was an unrelated character called Rom and chose to alter the name to avoid any clash.

The preview pages are at the end of the article.

Rok of the Reds is both a SciFi thriller and a good old fashioned Soccer story. Continue reading

Spiral Issue One -European Crime Drama

Spiral1Spiral Issue One

Self Published funded by Kickstarter
April 2016

Writer: Magnus Aspli
Artist: Emerson Dimayan
Letterer: Nic J Shaw

Cover Artist: Emerson Dimayan
Design: Nic J Shaw

Genre – Crime, Police Procedure

I came across Spiral on Twitter when it was recommended by Andi Ewington, whose work I know via Dogbreath, Psychedelic Journal and Overrun.

I have no experience with the work of the creative team on this book but they’ve been published by FUBAR Press, IDW, Image, Locust Moon/Dark Horse & Markosia. So they have a track record.

This is a European crime drama set in London. As a UK citizen I rarely say ‘European’ when talking about things set in the UK but writer Magnus Aspli is Norwegian and brings that European flair to the story.

At time of writing the project has seventeen days left on Kickstarter and have already passed their funding point. For those in the UK there are about 12NOK (Norwegian Krona) to £1. The site will display prices in US Dollars for US residents. For anyone from other territories Kickstarter will give an estimate in US Dollars.

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Brit-Cit Noir – spoiler light (includes preview pages)

BC Noir coverBrit-Cit Noir
Published by 2000AD

7th April 2016
Paperback 96 Pages

John Smith, John Reppion & Leah Moore
Colin MacNeil & Tom Foster

Strange & Darke created by John Smith & Colin MacNeil
Storm Warning created by John Reppion, Leah Moore & Tom Foster

There are are three and a half years between these stories in publication history. Strange & Darke debuted in January 2012 and Storm Warning debuted in July 2015.

The connections are obvious. Both are set in Brit-Cit and more specifically in the Brit-Cit’s Psi Division. Both deal with Judges that are not popular among their colleagues. Both deal with the supernatural, granted that is the main topic Psi Div are associated with but it isn’t all they do. To find out what else links the two stories you’ll need to read them both.

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Overrun – Issues 1 to 4 (with Preview Pages)

Overrun 1Overrun
Issues 1 to 4

Published by Treemondo
January 2016

Writers: Andi Ewington, Matt Woodley
Artist: Paul Green
Letterers: A Larger World Studios Troy Peteri & Joshua Cozine

Cover Artist: Kinetic Underground Cosmo White

Genre – SciFi, Action, Zombie

Overrun is a four issue miniseries that will be dropping as a ‘Netflix style event’ any moment now. All four issues will be released as a limited 250 edition run. Digital copies will also be available for Kindle, iBook, Madefire and possibly on Comixology.

This is a creator owned project published by the Creators’ own publishing house, Treemondo.

This story is an introduction to a setting as much as to a set of intriguing characters.

Preview pages are at the end of the article. Continue reading