Interviews of people connected to Judge Minty:

Steve Sterlacchini – Writer & Director
Michael Carroll – Writer
Steve Green – Director of Photography
Daniel Carey-George – Costume & Prop Creator
Edmund Dehn – Judge Minty
Jared Butler – Voice of Dredd & others
Integera Fairbrook – Aquila’s Daughter & Judge Anderson

Comic Creators:

Pat Mills – Writer
John Wagner – Writer
Gordon Rennie – Writer
Montynero – Writer
Leah Moore & John Reppion – Writers
Carlos Ezquerra – Artist
PJ Holden – Artist
Martin Simmonds – Artist
Thomas Foster – Artist
Dan Cornwell – Artist
Jim Campbell – Letterer


Oliver Hollingdale – Writer/ Director
Harriet Sams – Writer/Director
Jessica Preddy & Edward Mitchell – Actors


Jason Kingsley – Jouster


Alex Scarrow



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