2000AD ‘Jump On’ Prog 1973 – Spoiler Light (includes Preview pages)

prog 19732000AD Prog 1973
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release Saturday 19th March 2016

General release in print & digital Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Cover: Mark Sexton

Genre – Sci-Fi

This Prog’s line-up:

prog 1973 contents

It has come around again to a Jump On Prog from 2000AD where all the stories in this issue start at Part 1. 2000AD do this roughly every 6 months to make an easy point for new or lapsed readers to delve in (or back in) to the pool of THRILLS that is 2000AD. Continue reading


Zarjaz issue 26

CoverZ2_26Web.jpgZarjaz 26
Published by Futurequake Press
March 2016

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover Art: Paul Marshall; Colours: Owen Watts

2000AD and related characters are
copyright of Rebellion

Genre – Sci-Fi

Zarjaz is a fanzine dedicated to 2000AD. If you’ve never read a Fanzine you might not expect what you’ll get from Zarjaz.

This publication is well respected in the UK Comic Industry and regularly features some of the top Small Press talent you can find. From time to time a few published Creators from 2000AD contribute. Yes, professionals from the comic this is dedicated to do contribute to this Fanzine – for example this issue’s cover is from 2000AD Artist Paul Marshall.

SDBadgeAdFinalWeb.jpgIn conjunction with Planet Replicas there is a competition running. The prize is a 1:1 scale Strontium Dog badge from Planet Replicas.

Every purchase of Zarjaz or Dogbreath during May and April will be accompanied by a Raffle Ticket.

At the end of April a winning ticket will be selected at random.

Go buy them and good luck!


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Eagle Adventure Special 1 (includes restoration images)

eagle adventure 1 cover.jpgEagle Adventure Special
Published by Hibernia Press
With permission from the Dan Dare Corporation Ltd.
March 2016

Available on Comicsy £7.00
64 Pages, Softbound
Colour and B&W

Edited for Hibernia by David MacDonald
Reprographics and Restoration by Richard Pearce

Cover Ian Kennedy

Hibernia have a track record of pleasing fans of British Comics with their top quality reprints. I’ve written articles on a number of them such as Tower King, Thirteenth Floor, Bakers Half Dozen and more

This edition brings together a number of different strips from throughout the history of this Comic, the relaunched Eagle from the 1982 to 1994. This gives this volume the true anthology feel of the original.

Richard Pearce recently shared a couple of images of before and after restorations on Twitter and they are included at the end of the article, after the full list of contents, with his permission. Continue reading

FutureQuake Issue 28 – spoiler free

FQ28FutureQuake Issue 28

Published by:
Futurequake Press
Creator owned material

Edited by:
Dave Evans &
Richmond Clements

Cover: Steve Austin

Genre – SciFi

FutureQuake is a British anthology comic from the same publishers as Something Wicked and the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

This is what British Comics is all about. I review several other anthologies, including 2000AD of course. Most of the Creators in this anthology will have grown up reading anthologies, some of the same ones I grew up on no doubt.

Sometimes getting a story with three acts in a low page count isn’t easy. Reviewing such stories when there are often surprise endings that I don’t want to Spoil is also a challenge. Continue reading

Something Wicked issue 11 – spoiler light

Untitled.jpgSomething Wicked Issue 11

Published by: Futurequake Press annually in November

Creator owned material

Edited by:
Dave Evans &
Richmond Clements

Cover: Matt Sandbrook

Genre – Horror

This is a British anthology of Horror syories from the same punlishers as the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath. This anthology and sister publication FutureQuake, a SciFi anthology, have been the starting point for a number of creators. Arthur Wyatt, the writer of the Dredd 2012 sequel comics for example started off FutureQuake before passing it on to the current Editors.

The very nature of these stories means my reviews have to be fairly brief to avoid spoilers.

A great read from start to finish.

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Paragon Annual 2016

PARAGON annual cover 2016Paragon Annual 2016

Published by Paragon Comics
December 2015

68 Pages – hardcover
available from Lulu.com – £12.50(ex VAT)
Paperback – £2.95(ex VAT)
Digital – £0.95(ex VAT)

Edited by Dave Candlish

Cover Art: Dave Candlish
Colours: Jim Cameron

Genre – Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror

Paragon is a British Anthology focusing on SciFi, Horror and Fantasy. Some top Small Press and Professionals have contributed to the regular issues.

This is Paragon’s Annual. A throwback to the good old days (Annuals you can buy now aren’t quite the same…).

I mistakenly read this without a bowl of Brazil nuts.

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Zarjaz issue 25

zarjaz 25Zarjaz 25
Published by Futurequake Press
November 2015

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Daniel Dwyer

2000AD and related characters are copyright of Rebellion

Genre – Sci-Fi

Zarjaz is a fanzine dedicated to Britains most influential comic, 2000AD. Fanzines can get overlooked but Zarjaz, and sister publication Dogbreath, are consistently of such good quality anyone overlooking these is making a big mistake.

This issue’s cover is by Daniel Dwyer who won the 2000AD Portfolio Competition at the Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds in November 2014. The prize of that competition is a paid commission from 2000AD for a one issue story, usually a Future Shock. As a 2000AD fan that vompetition is one of the highlights for me each year. Continue reading