Eagle Adventure Special 1 (includes restoration images)

eagle adventure 1 cover.jpgEagle Adventure Special
Published by Hibernia Press
With permission from the Dan Dare Corporation Ltd.
March 2016

Available on Comicsy £7.00
64 Pages, Softbound
Colour and B&W

Edited for Hibernia by David MacDonald
Reprographics and Restoration by Richard Pearce

Cover Ian Kennedy

Hibernia have a track record of pleasing fans of British Comics with their top quality reprints. I’ve written articles on a number of them such as Tower King, Thirteenth Floor, Bakers Half Dozen and more

This edition brings together a number of different strips from throughout the history of this Comic, the relaunched Eagle from the 1982 to 1994. This gives this volume the true anthology feel of the original.

Richard Pearce recently shared a couple of images of before and after restorations on Twitter and they are included at the end of the article, after the full list of contents, with his permission. Continue reading


Dan Dare The 2000AD Years – 5th November 2015 (Spoiler Light with preview pages)

Dan Dare CoverDan Dare The 2000AD Years
Published by Rebellion

Ken Armstrong, Pat Mills, Kelvin Gosnell, Steve Moore, Gerry Finley-Day, Garry Leach
Massimo Belardinelli. Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Garry Leach, Ian Kennedy
Peter Knight, John Aldrich, Bill Nuttall, J.Swain, Tony Jacob, Jack Potter, Tom Frame, Dave Gibbons

Available in shops UK/Ireland – Diamond order code SEP151555
Available digitally Worlwide – 2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 1-23, 28-51, 2000 AD Summer Special 1977, 2000 AD Annual 1978, 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1978, 2000 AD Annual 1979.

When 2000AD was advertised pre-launch I was a very excited 9 year-old, it all looked fantastic. We had one comic a week bought for each of us, I already had one and didn’t want to drop it. Dad wouldn’t counter Mum, Mum wouldn’t counter Dad sooo… “Dad, look at the new comic that is starting. It looks really good and it has Dan Dare in it.” as if I knew my Dad liked Dan Dare from Eagle in the 1950s (he was born in 1930 and loved Eagle so I probably over egged it to be fair).

So in a way Dan Dare is why I write this blog. I may not have blagged myself that extra comic if I hadn’t known my Dad loved Dan Dare. Don’t worry my (older) siblings soon realised I’d duped everyone and got an extra comic too.

This isn’t the Dan Dare from the 1950s, this was a version commissioned for 2000AD by Pat Mills. Pat explains more in an article you can read in this volume, so I don’t go very far in to that here.

There are 5 pages of preview art at the end of this article, the pages follow a full list of Contents. Continue reading

The House of Daemon – collected by Hibernia Press

House of DaemonThe House of Daemon Published by Hibernia Press
Available on Comicsy £9.00

Written by Alan Grant and John Wagner
Illlustrated by José Ortiz
Letters by Steve Potter (episodes 1-3, 9, 11, 19 and 22-23), Jack Potter (episodes 4, 6), Paul Bensberg (episodes 5, 7-8, 10, 12-18 and 21) Peter Knight (episode 20)

Originally serialised in Eagle comic issues 25-47
(September 11th 1982 – February 12th 1983)

The House of Daemon created by Alan Grant,
John Wagner and José Ortiz

Hibernia have a reputation of bringing British Comic classics back to life in quality reproductions. I have reviewed several of the previous publications from Hibernia and here is another.

House of Daemon replaced The Tower King in the British anthology comic Eagle. starting in issue 25.

The writers are a famous pair of British comic heavyweights. John Wagner and Alan Grant brought us Judge Dredd and introduced the world to Judge Death. They’ve entertained us with stories in British comics and US comics alike. They are working together on Rom of the Reds published by Blackhearted Press

The artist is Spanish artist Jose Ortiz who illustrated the preceding story, The Tower King and The Thirteenth Floor in another British Anthology, Scream. Continue reading

The Tower King – Alan Hebden & José Ortiz – available now from Hibernia

The Tower King

Written by Alan Hebden
Drawn by José Ortiz

Published by Hibernia
February 2014
Available only by mail order

First Perint
Only 200 individually numbered copies

Originally serialised in The Eagle comic issues 1-24
(March 27th – September 4th 1982)

The Tower King © 2014 The Dan Dare Corporation

This is a classic tale from the 80’s, part of the original line-up of the new version of Eagle, published by IPC. Most of the stories in the new Eagle were photo-strips with only two traditionally illustrated. Dan Dare was rebooted for the second time, the first reboot being in 2000AD in 1977. The second illustrated story in the first issue was The Tower King by Alan Hebden and José Ortiz.

Alan Hebden had written Major Easy in Battle, illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra and a favourite of mine from 1980’s 2000AD, Meltdown Man illustrated by Massimo Belardinelli. He also created Death Planet and scripted episodes of MACH1.

José Ortiz was already published in his native Spain but this was his first work in UK comics. He went on to draw The House of Daemon and The Fifth Horseman in Eagle and  Rogue Trooper, one book of Nemesis The Warlock and Helltrekkers in 2000AD. Continue reading