The Amazing Screw-On Head And Other Curious Objects – Artist’s Edition Announced by IDW

screwonhead.jpgMike Mignola’s
The Amazing Screw-On Head
and Other Curious Objects

Published by IDW
June 2016

144-pages Artist’s
12” x 17,”

Reproduced from fresh scans of the original art at the original size. Collecting the Eisner Award winning short story, The Amazing Screw-On Head, as well as a number of other stories of the same ilk. Continue reading


André The Giant: Closer to Heaven – A Graphic Biography

AndreAndré The Giant:
Closer to Heaven

Published by Lionforge
18th November 2015

Writer: Brandon Easton
Artist: Denis Medri
Colourist: Davide Cachi
Letterer: AW’s Adrian Martinez

Edited by Shannon Eric Denton

Genre – Biography

This is an authorised biography of André Roussimoff, better known to the world as André the Giant. There is a frank introduction from his daughter, Robin Christensen Roussimoff.

Andre creditsI used to watch the odd bit of WWF and I saw André a few times on TV. He also entertained me as Fizzig in the wonderful film The Princess Bride. What I didn’t know at the time was that he’d also entertained me as Sasquatch in the Six Million Dollar Man.

This book looks behind the scenes at the man André Roussimoff.

There are five preview pages at the end of this article. Continue reading

Judge Dredd from IDW issue 2 – Preview Pages included

jd zero 2Judge Dredd Issue 2
Published by IDW
20th January 2016

Writera: Ulises Farinas & Eric Freitas
Artist: Dan McDaid
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Chris Mowry

Cover Art: Dan McDaid
Cover Colours: Ryan Hill

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

jd zero 2 contents.jpgThis is the second run of ongoing Judge Dredd comics from IDW. The first story arc is called ‘Mega City Zero’ and comes from ideas from artist Ulises Farinas, co-writing with Eric Freitas.

Only two covers for this issue. The standard cover has some relevance to the plot, the Subs one doesn’t. I by far prefer the one by Farinas.

Following this contents page there is a page with ID images of Judge Dredd and the support cast, three feral Juves that Dredd met last issue. There is also a ‘story so far’ synopsis. That page isn’t available for preview.

Last issue Dredd was called to a case in Angela Davis Block. After entering the block he woke in a wilderness, unable to recall how he had arrived there. He met three Juves, seemingly wild and speaking in an odd dialect. They led him to Ang Avi, a large monolith reminiscent of a City Block.

Dredd attempted to enter Ang Avi nut met resistance from what seemed to be Mechanismo robots. After dealing with them he made his way inside with the three girls.

There are a few minor spoilers below and 5 preview pages are at the end of this article. Continue reading

IDW new Licensing Division – IDW International

IDW International.jpgToday IDW Publishing have announced a new International division to deal with licensing worldwide.

IDW have quite a large back catalogue and it is always expanding. This is clearly showing an intent to grow further.

They’ve got quite a number of big names in Comic Characters such as the Newspaper versions of Spiderman and Superman. They’ve got Mickey Mouse and Popeye.

There are contact details below for Publishers and Creators who might be interested in this venture. Continue reading

Judge Dredd from IDW – 2nd Volume – Preview Pages included

JD IDW 1 CoverJudge Dredd Issue 1
Published by IDW
16th December 2015

Writera: Ulises Farinas & Eric Freitas
Artist: Dan McDaid
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Chris Mowry

Cover Art: Dan McDaid
Cover Colours: Ryan Hill

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra

Douglas Wolk and Ulises Farinas brought us Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two.

Now instead of illustrating someone’s story Ulises Farinas is having his story illustrated by someone.

JD IDW 1 ContsAs is usual these days there are various covers to choose from (the copy I bought is the standard cover by Dan McDaid).

You can enlarge the credits page here to see the other covers. I’m not a big multi-cover buyer and usually opt for ‘standard’.

Sometimes I will pick the cover by a particular Artist because I like his work. Both reasons fit this issue.

Dan McDaid recently illustrated Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which I loved.

You can see Dan’s art in the 5 Preview Pages below.

This is the second attempt by IDW for an ongoing Judge Dredd series.

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IDW & Marvel Team-Up on Star Wars

idw starwarsIDW and Marvel have teamed up to repring the 1977 Star Wars comics in two formats.

The two publishers have worked together on several projects. IDW have a track record of working well with other publishers on deluxe and specialist versions of classic material.

For example the Judge Dredd Treasury Edition that they published in March 2014. That book really was a thing of beauty. The Judge Death reprints recently were also of very high quality.

So this news is surely going to be causing quite some buzz. Though much of the early Marvel Star Wars are not canon the stories were at least fun. Continue reading

Star Trek vs Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive issue 2 – spoiler light (includes preview pages)

ST POTA 2 Cover

Star Trek vs The Planet of the Apes
Issue 2 of 5
Published by Boom! Studios
21st January 2015

Writer: Scott Tipton & David
Artist: Rachael Stott
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Tom B Long

Cover by Rachael Stott
Colours by Charlie Kirchoff

Genre – Sci-Fi, Film tie-in

Star Trek and Planet of the Apes are two of the most enduring classics in Sci Fi film and TV.

You can read my preview of Issue one. Boom! also have a tie-in to the new films currently on sale Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is set between the two latest films.

This story is set in the worlds of the original Star TrekTV series, as you will see from the look of Kor, the Klingon. The crew of the Enterprise have travelled through a wormhole to a parallel Earth, some years in their future. They have arrived in the world of the original Planet of the Apes film series.

You can see the alternative covers before the five preview pages at the end of this article. Continue reading