Rule32: Enjoy The little Things – Two Years On

Rile 32 DiceRule32 Promotions started off with a crowd funding pitch on Indigogo for a Cafe/Venue for get-togethers to celebrate all things geek.

The idea was not just to have a themed Cafe but to run events, such as Games Nights, a place for geeks run by geeks. I popped a wee bit in to the hat after hearing about the idea on Twitter. I got in touch with them and arranged to interview them about their idea.

The interview is available here and if you read to the end you’ll see me suggesting a Dredd get-together and/or Judge Minty night. Funny that given how things have turned out. Continue reading

Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Artist Spotlight – Barry Renshaw – Commission images included

lg posterLawgiver is the only Judge Dredd convention held worldwide, to the best of my knowledge. This is the second year for Lawgiver, hence the jaunty little MkII in the name. I’m part of the Organisers Group for Lawgiver and run some of the Panels.

I’ve done a few of these ‘Countdown to Lawgiver MkII’ articles, mostly about Guests, this time you will notice I’ve put ‘Artist’ instead. There is a specific reason for that.

Barry Renshaw is attending as a ‘Trader’, not a Guest. Last year we had Guests from the hit fan film Judge Minty, Barry did some concept art and the storyboards for that film.

The Guests this year are all professionals from the world of comics. Guests will be appearing in the Panels and most will be available for signings and possibly sketches. Barry will be available for most of the day selling his wares and p[robably doing sketches too. Continue reading

Two Years of Judge Minty on You Tube – Embeded video (spoiler free)

Two years ago in the early hours or this Bank Holiday morning Judge Minty was out online for all to see.

Judge Minty is a fan film based in the world of Judge Dredd, from the British comic anthology 2000AD. It uses a character from Prog 147, created by John Wagner & Mick McMahon. Being a huge fan of Judge Dredd I was interested in this project as soon as I heard about it from a colleague at work.

I had seen the film already. First at the premiere in Leeds Film Festival and then at Thought Bubble. I wrote an article giving a spoiler free review at that time.

The film toured Comic and Film Conventions in the UK and internationaly. I did my bit to publicise many of the screenings because I wanted this fan film to have as much exposure as possible. You can see the full film in an embeded video in this article. There are no spoilers at allin this article but some others do have spoilers, including some interviews, so if you haven’t seen the film you may want to leave the links till afterwards. Continue reading

Why Judge Minty is a Good Comic Adaptation – SPOILERS (quite big ones) film embeded.

MintyJudge Minty is a Judge Dredd ‘fan film’ from director Steven Sterlacchini, co-written with Michael Carroll. Cinematography and special effects by Steve Green and props by Daniel Carey-George.

The character Judge Minty was created by John Wagner and Mike McMahon; the story featured in Prog 147 (issue 147) of 2000AD , a British anthology comic and was credited to John Howard, a pseudonym of John Wagner. This story is famous for introducing the Long Walk, a form of retirement for Judges past their prime, they leave Mega City One to take law to the lawless in the Cursed Earth, a wasteland outside the city’s walls.

The first seven minutes of the film represent the comic strip, there are differences  in the film but the themes explored in the strip contribute to the core of the film. The rest of the film follows what happens to Judge Minty in the first week or so outside the city, this is from the imagination of Steve Sterlacchini, Michael Carroll and realised by the skills of Steve Green and Daniel Carey-George.

Watch the film first if you haven’t seen it as there are big spoilers below, the film is embedded here to add space before any spoilers can be seen. Remember you can go full screen, I recommend you do. Continue reading

Judge Minty’s Anderson to appear in Strontium Dog film


Psi Judge Anderson assisting Senior Street Judge Burdis in detaining someone for impersonating a journalist.

I think it is common knowledge for fans of Integra Fairbrook that following her successful outing as Psi Judge Anderson she has been cast in the upcoming Strontium Dog film from the same team. Integra confirmed this on her fan page on 17th November.

Integra played two parts in Judge Minty, appearing as Aquila’s Daughter as well as Anderson. So far it isn’t confirmed what part she will play in Search Destroy.

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – A look back to May 2014

lawgiver-a-celebration-of-Dredd-event-birminghamLawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd was the first full day convention arranged by Rule32 on Bank Holiday Monday, 5th May 2014.

A new video is out with interviews of some of those that attended. You can view the video further in to this article.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was part of the organising committee, not that I actually organised much. I ran two of the Panels and I liaised with Jared Butler to obtain some really cool VO for the event. From my standpoint it was a brilliant event.

Guests included Judge Dredd scribe and co-creator John Wagner. Fellow Dredd writer Michael Carroll and artists David Roach, Peter Doherty and Nick Percival.

Continue reading

Comic Cons and Judge Dredd uniforms

BurdisJudge Dredd inspired costumes are getting to be more and more common sights at Comic Conventions. There are several reasons for this, not least the surge of interest generated by the 2012 movie. I’d say that the increase in interest though definitely started with Judge Minty.

The image to the right above is Senior Street Judge Burdis arresting a Dredd impersonator. Side note, Karl Urban is great as Dredd. This is a comic inspired uniform by Planet Replicas.

planet-replicasPlanet Replicas obtained a licence for Judge Dredd uniforms following their work on the fan film Judge Minty, you can read my interview with Daniel Carey-George about that project.

A full uniform, including a made to measure leather suit, a helmet and all the pads, boots gloves, etc, will set you back £1995.00.

Judges at LawgiverThere are quite a number of Judges on patrol in that uniform now, I was part of Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd and we had a large turn out of Judges as well as our own core group.

On the right is just a selection of those present, there were more.

If you click on that picture you can see the larger version and you will see there are several Dredd 2012 Judges as well as a Brit Cit Judge (Dredd 2012 inspired) and Cal-Hab Judge (comic inspired).

LabelleThere are no licensed Dredd 2012 uniforms. These are all either home-made by the owner or produced with the assistance of fellow costume enthusiasts. A home-made screen accurate uniform costs around £800.00.

On the left  is a closer look at Judge Labelle’s uniform. Again you can click on the picture for a larger version.

Labelle 2You can easily spot the major differences such as the Lion emblem on the helmet and the Union Flag on the badge.

On the right is a picture showing the Lion shoulder pauldron instead of the Eagle of Mega City One.

This uniform shows how much thought goes in to some of the costumes that are put together.

Hondo City JudgeHere is an example of the attention to detail that fans go to. This is a Hondo City Judge (Japan). I saw him at Thought Bubble last year and he’s taken this costume to several other conventions.

hondo judge comicThis is all home-made and I believe all his own work. He has shared many of his design secrets for this and other costumes. Compare his uniform to the comic version. A brilliant adaptation of the comic.

There are many home-made versions of Judge uniforms, comic and film versions alike. It is great to see such public expressions of affection for Judge Dredd.

There are many dedicated fans around the world. Take the video below as an example, this one I haven’t seen for myself I saw the video on a friend’s Facebook page.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADredd has even been seen at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. The national museum displays part of the countries collection of militaria.

In May 2013 the Royal Armouries had a special event showing the arms and armour of characters from fiction. They included a gun fight between Judge Dredd and Pa Angel.

And this brings us back to where I started because this was a uniform lent to them by the Judge Minty team. A prototype of the Planet Replicas version.

Lawgiver – a spotlight on our Judges


Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd
Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014
Birmingham UK
Tickets on sale now

I already released a video of some of our Judges that will be our Official Contingent at Lawgiver but here is a new version with our six Judges.

The voice over is from Jared Butler who provided VO talents for the Judge Minty fan film that will be screened at Lawgiver. We will also be screening Dredd (2012). Continue reading

Teaser trailer for Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd
a Judge Dredd themed Convention

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014

Eddies Rock Club,
Gough Street,
B1 1HN

Voice-over by Jared Butler, the voice of Dredd in Judge Minty. Many thanks to Jared for doing these for us.

This is what it says it is… a teaser trailer to show you what to expect at Lawgiver

I’m running a panel at Lawgiver so hope to meet a few of you there.

More details on the website

Follow Lawgiver on Twitter

Judge Minty success at Wasteland Film Festival

Wasteland Film Festival was held 26 to 29 September 2013. The festival celebrates films with a post apocalyptic theme. Judge Minty clearly fits that category.

I’m not sure exactly where it was held but the location is a fenced off area in the desert in Southern California.

The event is a 360º immersion weekend. All attendees must dress in costume that fits in with the post apocalyptic theme. Campsites and vehicles must also comply with this. They make it clear on their website that this is not a LARP but given the costumes and encouragement for attendees to organise themselves as tribes I should imagine it feels quite like one. Continue reading