Jaegir: Beasts Within by Gordon Rennie & Simon Coleby – Spoiler Light (preview pages included)

Jaegir CoverJaegir: Beasts Within
Published by Rebellion

UK/IRELAND: 11 September £17.99
NORTH AMERICA: 28 October $22.99
Diamond order code JUL151561

Script: Gordon Rennie
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Len O’Grady
Letters: Simon Bowland, Ellie De Ville

Jaegir created by Gordon Rennie & Simon Coleby
Rogue Trooper created by Gerry Finlay-Day & Dave Gibbons

Genre: Sci-Fi

Set in the world of Rogue Trooper (not Friday, that’s a different story) with a bit of a twist. You don’t have to have an in depth knowledge of the original Rogue Trooper series, you’ll get all the information you need along the way. If yopu’ve read Rogue Trooper though you’ll more than likely get a bit of extra fun.

This is the story of Kapiten-Inspector Atalia Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police, attached to The Office of Public Truth. Yes, she’s a Nort, the enemy of Rogue Trooper’s people, the Southers. Her job is to capture war criminals.

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2000AD Sci-Fi Special 2015 – spoiler light (includes Preview Pages)

Sci-fi 15 cover2000AD Sci-Fi Special 2015
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Available in print & digital Wednesday 24th June 2015

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Cover by Greg Staples

Genre – Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up for this special edition of the Prog
Sci-fi 15 contentsThis is the second Sci-Fi Special of the modern era. Last year’s special focused on the newer talents from 2000AD. This year there is a Movies theme. Continue reading

An Interview with Gordon Rennie – writer of Jaegir (and more)

JAEGIR coverJaegir is the latest US format one-shot from 2000AD, reprinting the story first serialised in 2000AD, part one was in the ‘jump on Prog 1874 (there is another jump on Prog coming soon Prog 1900 is on sale 27th September). Jaegir is set in the original Rogue Trooper continuity.

Gordon Rennie has been writing for 2000AD in 1993 (or more accurately Judge Dredd Megazine) with Missionary Man. Later he was ‘promoted’ to Judge Dredd in the Megazine. His first story published in the parent weekly anthology was Vector 13 in Prog 987.

This isn’t his first foray in to the world of Rogue Trooper, he wrote a number of flashback stories starring Rogue after the Friday reboot had ended. The last of those stories was on Progs 1462 to 1464 in 2005. Returning to that continuity with The 86ers in 2006.

In 2013 Gordon brought us the critically acclaimed Department of Monsterology with 86ers artist PJ Holden.

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Jaegir by Gordon Rennie & Simon Coleby – spoiler free

JAEGIR coverJaegir
Published by Rebellion

32 Page US Format
27 th august 2014
Diamond order code JUN141396

Writer: Gordon Rennie
Artist: Simon Coleby
Colours: Len O’Grady
Letters: Simon Bowland

Editor: Matt Smith

Rogue Trooper was created by Gerry Finlay-Day and Dave Gibbons

This is a new story set in the 2000AD continuity of Rogue Trooper but full knowledge of that background isn’t essential. However those reading this story who have read the original Rogue Trooper (not Friday) will see extra levels in some elements.

The main difference is that the central character is a member of the opposing side in the war. Nordland

Kapiten-Inspector Atalia Jaegir is an officer of the Nordland State Security Police working for The Office of Public Truth. Her task, seek out and bring to justice War Criminals

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Rogue Trooper CLASSICS issue 4 from IDW – spoiler light (preview pages)


RogueTrooperClassics04_cvr RogueTrooperClassics04_cvrSUBRogue Trooper Classics
Issue 4 Published by IDW

Writer: Gerry Finlay-Day
Artists: Dave Gibbons, Colin Wilson
Letterer: Bill Nuttall
Colourist: Charlie Kirchoff

Cover Art: Dave Gibbons
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
Art: John McCrea (far right)
Colours: Andrew Elder

This issue starts off with part 3 (of 3) of the story ‘Fear of the Machine’… so read issue 3 first. But as with the style of writing back when this was published the first couple of panels give enough recap in case you haven’t.

These are reprints of classic 2000AD stories from Progs 248-253 reprinted in the original ratio and colourised. You will see from the preview pages below how they deal with the old 2000AD ratio being quite different from US format.

Following the finale of ‘Fear of the Machine’ is a 2-part story ‘Dreamweavers’ and the over arcing story of finding the Traitor General features with the 3-parter ‘Buzzard’ that rounds out this issue.

This issue reinforces Rogue’s sense of duty towards all Southers, not just his GI brethren. It also highlights the Bio-chips’ different values, primarily keeping Rogue alive. And as usual the Southers are mostly depicted as the good guys and the Norts are shown in a lass sympathetic light.

I questioned some of the colour choices last issue, this issue it all seems fine. Great artwork as ever from Dave Gibbons.

I think Jon McCrea did a great job on his cover this issue, drawing on the IDW originals as well as the classics.

RT Class 4 pg1RT Class 4 pg2RT Class 4 pg3RT Class 4 pg4RT Class 4 pg5

Rogue Trooper CLASSICS issue 3 from IDW – spoiler light (preview pages)

RogueTrooperClassics03-coverRogueTrooperClassics03-covSUBRogue Trooper Classics
Issue 3 Published by IDW

Writer: Gerry Finlay-Day
Artists: Dave Gibbons,
Colin Wilson, Mike Dorey
Letterer: Bill Nuttall
Colourist: Adrian Salmon

Cover Art: Mike Dorey
Colours: Adrian Salmon
Art: John McCrea (far right)
Colours: Andrew Elder

This issue picks up the story from Issue 2 with The Rookies Part 2. You might be able to pick up issue 2 still when you get issue 3. If not it shouldn’t take much catching up.

These are reprints from 2000AD in the original ratio which is wider in aspect when compared to US Format or current UK Format. There is a bottom margin illustration on each page to fill the white space created by this size of the story artwork, the preview pages below are slightly messy at the edges as the mask with the margin illustration isn’t included. It all looks much neater in print. I’ve just included the first page to two of the episodes included in this issue. Continue reading

Rogue Trooper issue 4 from IDW – spoiler light including 5 page preview


Rogue Trooper
Issue 4

Published by IDW
21st May 2014

Writer: Brian Ruckley
Artist: Alberto Ponticelli
Colour: Stephen Downer
Letters: Tom B Long

Left – Glenn Fabry
Right – James Stokoe

Well here it is. Possibly the last issue of IDW’s vision of Rogue Trooper.

It’s a tad unfair, this book has promise.I understand there will be a trade paperback published collecting these four issues. Four issue story arcs are fairly common with IDW  so such a thing isn’t unlikely. So if the trade sells well? Maybe they’ll resurrect the series. It is possible, more likely than the Dredd movie sequel starring Karl Urban that I’m waiting for.

It’s a good read. So if you missed this please do buy the trade when it comes out.

There are a few spoilers below, including 5 pages in preview. IDW usually do 7 page previews but the pace changes quite a bit on page 6 which is probably why a shorter page count this time. Continue reading