Daemonium – available on Netflix (spoiler light)

A film in Spanish
Subtitles in Arabic, English, French and Polish. Closed Caption in Spanish.
1h 55mins
Available on Netflix.

Dany Casco
Walter Cornás
Caro Angus

Directed by Pablo Perés

This is a film made in Argentina. Filmed in Spanish it is presented on Netflix with subtitles in a range of languages.

Daemonium is a film set in an alternate world where magic is real and seeps in from ‘elsewhere’.

The story follows three major characters. Razor, a mercenary trying to better his life for himself and his family. Fulcanelli, a wily magician with a handy pack of cards. Rebecca, a mysterious young woman with several identical ‘siblings’…

I came across Daemonium in 2013. At that point it was a two part series on YouTube. Each part was free standing and could be watched in isolation.

My introduction was via Jared Butler who runs Wasteland Weekend, a Post Apocalyptic themed film festival in California. Jared voiced Judge Dredd in the Fan Film Judge Minty and recommended Daemonium to me. Continue reading

Rebellion to Reprint stories from Misty

Misty 1Misty
Published by Rebellion with the co-operation of Egmont

September 2016

Pat Mills, Malcolm Shaw

John Armstrong, Brian Delaney

Misty was originally published between
4th February 1978 and 12th January 1980

Created by Pat Mills for IPC after his success in setting up 2000AD Misty was aimed at girls aged around 12 years.

2000AD was aimed at boys but comics at that time in the UK sold better to girls than boys. So it was an obvious step for the cmpany to take. Girls were not thought to be interested in Sci-Fi at the time so the focus for Misty was Magic and Horror.

Though full details are yet to be revealed this is billed as the first volume of Misty material.

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