Judge Dredd Mega Collection – issue 8 – 29th April 2015 – includes preview pages

MC8 coverJudge Dredd
Mega Collection
Published by Hachette & Rebellion

Issue 8
The Cursed Earth
29th April 2015

Available in UK & Ireland only
In Stores £9.99


I’m now mostly hearing happy contented things from any Subscribers I know regarding receiving their copies after shops have them – some that I don’t know still seem to be restless. It is a logistics issue and apparently linked to the postal contract & Hachette’s aim to dispatch one package to each customer each month to prevent two bills of £19.98 in one month.

I received parts 6 & 7 in the post on Friday 17th. Both were in perfect condition as have all other books. I’m reviewing this issue from a Pdf preview copy – Pdf copies are not available for sale.

The Cursed Earth was the first Judge Dredd Mega-Epic and it certainly paved the way for some great things. I’ll address this before going further – no the ‘banned episodes are not included. So if you haven’t read the Burger Wars or seen the Jolly Green Giant you won’t do so this time. There are however brief synopses included for these missing parts.

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2000AD & Judge Dredd get togethers April/May

LG MkII mastheadRenewing the list of 2000AD and Judge Dredd gatherings around these Isles. Still no gatherings reported to me outside these Isles but I’ll keep on hoping…

If you arrange, attend or just know about any gathering that I can include in a round up like this please let me know. You can leave a message in the ‘Comments’ below or find the e-mail address on the FB Page, you can even click ‘Like’ there and keep up to date with what I am writing about.

These gatherings are usually informal but May brings Lawgiver MkII. I’m involved in Lawgiver so it is a little self publicity in a way. Lawgiver is the only Judge Dredd convention in the world (to our knowledge) and features a number of high profile Guests. I run some of the Panels, so if you come along please  do introduce yourself. Continue reading

Death Sentence London – Ongoing series from Montynero & Martin Simmonds – spoiler light

Death Sentence London Published by Titan

Written by Montynero with Art by Martin Simmonds. Created by Montynero and Mike Dowling

Issue 1 out 10th June 2015

Allcoverssm4 covers available





This is an ongoing series following on from the hit miniseries by Montynero and Mike Dowling. Montynero put out a newsletter yesterday giving a bit more detail about the project.

Montynero has also written for Marvel on the X-Men Annual and Hulk Annual since publishing Death Sentence.

Mike is a busy artist these days with work in 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine s wasn’t available for the start of this series but it is planned that he’ll be on board later on. So Monty had to look for a new artist with big shoes to fall.

Monty found Martin Simmonds and the art is both in keeping with the original yet also with a flair of his own. With his own art skills, see covers A & C for proof, it is clear that Monty knows what he is looking for. Continue reading

The Dracula Files – reprint from Hibernia (spoiler light includes preview pages)

FINAL COVER (For Web Use)The Dracula File

Written by Gerry Finley Day, Simon Furman
Drawn by Eric Bradbury, Geoff Senior

Published by Hibernia
April 2014
Available only by mail order £9.00

First Print
86 Pages, Perfect Bound.

Originally serialised in Scream! comic issues 1-15 and Scream! Holiday Special 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988

The Dracula File © Egmont UK Ltd. All rights reserved

Hibernia specialise in bringing long out of print British comics back in to the market. You can find articles by me on a number of their books by clicking this link – Hibernia Publications.

Without publishers like Hibernia many gems would remain unread by many. There is a following growing for Hibernia, their books are so good readers return to them for titles they’ve never read as well as childhood favourites,

This was selected to be the lead story in Scream when it was launched in 1984. There is an enlightening introduction from Scream Editor, Barrie Tomlinson, and an interlude piece by David McDonald which put everything in context regarding publishing history.

The Dracula Files is a revamped story (pardon the pun) of the Vampire lord. The story begins in a divided Germany during the Cold War, current day at time of publication. Continue reading

Easter Tournament Final Day – Royal Armouries 6th April

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree competitions in one were settled today at Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The Queen’s Jubilee Horn – a prize for a single Knight with points accrued over the full length of the competition.

The Sword of Honour – a team award with lead points carried over from the earlier days of the competition.

Yorkshire Rose Gauntlet Ring – a team mounted melee.

Also with prizes of a bottle of something (I didn’t catch what) each for Skill at Arms and Chivalry.

Today rounded off four days of Tournament with six internationally renowned Knights. This is a serious competition where everyone wants to win. Continue reading

The Action Cranked Up a Gear – Tournament at Royal Armouries

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADay two and three at the Royal Armouries, Leeds have really raised the roof (OK, there is no roof on the Tiltyard but let it go…)

Yesterday, Saturday 4th April, the striking of the Targe was all but metronomic. The splinters of balsa were flying high, really high as at least one left the Tiltyard completely.

Today the battle scars were showing on the gear. Ben van Koert brutally ripped part of the face of Jan Gradon’s bear. Jan however knocked gems off Ben’s helm.

I must admit to being the one tat pointed out how the bear mutilation happened. Some folk waiting for Jan’s autograph seemed distressed when he walked away to remonstrate with Ben. Amusingly some friends of mine were talking to Ben and were bemused by the scene of the giant Jan complaining to the much shorter Ben.

All was in good spirits and I reassured the signature hunters that Jan would be back. My friends found my explanation ‘interesting’. Continue reading