Ron Smith – Legendary Comic Artist has died – 10 January 2019.

Ron Smith is one of the most widely recognised Artists of Judge Dredd. Along with others such as Carlos Ezquerra, Brian Bolland and Mick McMahon his style was instantly recognisable.

In some ways Ron Smith’s Dredd is probably the one more people think of than from other Artists. The main reason for that is his covers for reprints sold internationally, specifically the Eagle branded reprints.

We lost Carlos in October 2018 and now Ron Smith.

I say we because I’m not just a fan sat at home alone. I am heavily into Judge Dredd fandom. This Blog started entirely because if Judge Dredd. Though it has expanded to cover many subjects.

I’ve helped run Lawgiver, a Dredd inspired Comic Convention. I moderate Panels of Dredd Creators. I was at the premier of Dredd (2012) with a number of other fans.

I am one among many Dredd fans, we are all grieving again.

More so, Ron’s art touched 2000AD fans but his art touched much more.

At the end of this article I’ll repeat an anecdote I told when Carlos died. Before that you’ll see a document given to me by Rufus Dayglo, another 2000AD artist and a friend of Ron Smith – Ron’s CV.

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2018 in Review

I have started getting a few articles online after letting the blog fall in to a lull.

I’ve made no secret of the reason. My ill health. You can read all about the worst of that in some posts from 2016 & 2017.

2018 has been a much better year for me. No operations, several hospital visits as an out patient.

I have had difficulty sitting and writing.  Plenty of ideas for fiction,  prose and scripts. Plenty of ideas for blog posts.

I have written more though and this year the blog received more views than last year,  not many more but more.

Given the downward trend of writing and the obvious downward trend in views that causes, no matter how small the increase has been it is encouraging to me.

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Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me – TV series review (spoiler free)

Originally Aired BBC2 Tuesday 18th December 2018.

Presenter Gordon Buchanan

Producer Anwar Mamon

Executive Producer Ted Oakes

Executive Producer Wendy Rattray

I have reviewed several wildlife documentaries, including previous series in this ‘family’ of programmes.

Previous series have seen Gordon Buch as an follow a family of animals through the development of their young. This series looks at orphaned young being prepared for release in to the wild.

The Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Bubonitsy village in the Tver Region, 450 km northwest of Moscow. The Pazhetnov family have run the centre for three generations. It is a family run charitable organisation.

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They Have Mental Health Issues? – But They Look Happy! (Triggers: people making assumptions, diagnosis)

I have been diagnosed today with mild Psychosis. GP isn’t sure yet if it is a side effect of medication or not.

I have been on the current medication before. I haven’t had Psychosis as a side effect before. I have had a few Psychotic experiences when not on medication.

So we are giving ut two weeks to see if it fades. If not we’ll move on to plan how to tackle it.

This article is rather long. If you make it to the end I hope you feel it doesn’t ramble for no reason. I hope you find it structured.

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Dogbreath Issue 35 & Zarjaz Issue 32 – Out Now


Cover-DB35-Web-SThese Fanzines attract a wide range of contributors from first time creator to established professionals. The Editors match up Scripts to Artists, much in the same way as a mainstream comic.

This leads to well rounded publications.

Cover-Z32-Web-SBoth issues are tributes to Carlos Ezquerra who sadly died on October 1st this year. Carlos is a great loss to all fans of 2000AD and Conics in general.

There are different articles in each of the comics along with art tributes.

Larger images of the Covers and a list Contents & Creators below.

All the characters in these comics are based on IP owned by Rebellion. Given that Rebellion have recently announced opening their own Film & TV Studio interest in them should be growing.

You can buy the fanzines at Futurequake Press.

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Rebellion Studios – Film & TV Production site for 2000AD characters including Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper

On Saturday Variety had an exclusive announcement that Rebellion, the Games Developer and owner of 2000AD and Judge Dredd, have opened a Film production studio.

Two productions had previously been announced. The first was a TV series, Judge Dredd: Mega City One in partnership with him Global. The second a Film of the future-war character Rogue Trooper with Duncan Jones and Stuart Fenegan.

With the wealth of British Comic history under the curation of Rebellion there could be numerous films of different genre. They own a massive back catalogue of classic comics such as Battle Action, Tiger, Scorcher, Misty and Scream – among many others.

In my opinion we, fans of both Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper are in safe hands. Under Rebellion 2000AD has gone from strength to strength. They have turned down film deals over the years as the deals took away creative control. In some cases a film licence can take the comic adaptation of that film from the IP Franchise. Judge Dredd (1995) is an example, DC did the film tie-in – Rebellion did not own 2000AD at that time.

I’ll not regurgitate the article from Variety here,  you can read it on their site. Obviously a few commonalities will exist.

Part of this article is about how and where people get information about developing projects. Also I would talk about the expectations of fans. Continue reading