365 Poems for 2021 – #2

My rather yeah aim is to publusg 365 Poems on this Blog during 2021. Not 1 per day but a total of 365, so some days I will need to post more than one. You can find yesterday’s poem here.

I plan for some to explain my choices for how I wrote the poem, in other cases they will be presented without much comment.

Will I hit my target?

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Who is The Mandalorian – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

Mando openingMy final countdown article. Season 2 of The Mandalorian debuts tomorrow (at time of writing) on Disnety+.

Ive been writing about several of the major characters from The Mandalorian. This time it is Mando himself.

These articles contain Spoilers for Season 1 throughout. There are Spolier Light Reviews of each Episode of Season 1 on this blog.

You can find links to all my Star Wars articles in this earlier Post.

The Mandalorian, commonly referred to as Mando, is portrayed by Pedro Pascal. There are spoilers from here on. Continue reading

Judge Dredd: Uprising – LIVE Experience in London, UK – Due to open Spring 2021

Hardly a surprise that as a fan of 2000AD and Judge Dredd from the start the news of this Live Event is extremely interesting to me

This blog started life for a Judge Dredd online RPG which stumbled and fell. I’d previously been one of the Games Masters and Players on Play Dredd RPG Forum which had folded and hoped to continue.

Then the 2012 Dredd film by Alex Garland came along and I went to the Fan Pre-release Screening in London. Had a brilliant day and saw a film which brought the feel of the comic to the screen, something I felt the 1995 Stallone movie had failed to do.

So this blog became a Review & Preview blog for Films, Comics and Books with an unapologetic bias towards Judge Dredd, 2000AD and British Indie Comics. That’s not to say I don’t Review and Preview International comics. I’ve branched out very widely since starting, writing about History, Science & Nature, Mental Health and other topics.

My main focus though is likely to always be Judge Dredd.

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Black2Nature – a project to encourage Minority Ethnic youth to engage with Nature

M87051_HELENA_CRAIG_DS-35 copy 2January 2015, Bristol, UK 13 year old Mya-Rose realised when she was out and about in nature she never saw anyone else who looks like her.

Mya-Rose had been actively following her hoppy of Ornithology for years and ringing wild birds for study since 9 years old. It wasn’t her age, Mya-Rose is half Bangladeshi, she wasn’t seeing other darker skinned people.

Instead of ignoring this she did something about it, she founded Black2Nature.

Mya-Rose was awarded an Honourary Doctorate of Science for her Enviromental work, including Black2Nature.

I read a thread on Twitter today from Mya-Rose and was instantly impressed by her drive and dedication.

My Twitter is fairly varied, like this Blog. I follow a lot of people involved in Science and Nature. I’m not sure who retweeted Mya-Rose or I would credit them.

I’ve recently been seeing things on Twitter such as #BlacBirdersWeek, #BlackAFinSTEM and #BlackInNature. Highlighting a shortage of POC in Nature and Science. I know the first I saw of these Hashtags – on a Tweet from Palaeontologist Yara Haridy.

Mya-Rose’s Tweet gave a lively an in depth account of Black2Nature.

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The History of Comics by Comic Scene – on Kickstarter

kickThe History of Comics
on Kickstarter

Ends Thursday, 30th July 2020

An ambitious project. The Kickstarter is for the first 4 books in a planned series to chart the history of Comics.

Particularly ambitious as the scope includes the years 1930 to 2030. So a history of Comics not yet written.

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Make Believe – Royal Armouries Leeds

Royal Armouries, Leeds Dock, Leeds.

The image above was taken on 27th December 2019. I was at the Armouries with a friend for a Film Night.

The Museum shuts at 17:00 but for the special event they reopened at 18:00. We had access to the latest new display of film props, an opportunity to get hands on with some props and replicas and at 19:00 there was a short talk and then a screening of Aliens.

The Film Nights are to accompany the new display “Make: Believe” which showcases arms and armour from screen.

There have been a number of other special events to celebrate the new display.

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I have all the right moods; not necessarily in the right order. I’ll give you that.

I used the first sentence in the title of this article earlier today on Twitter.

It is using a phrasing pattern that many in the UK will recognise. It’s channeling the comedian Eric Morecambe from a famous Morecambe & Wise sketch.

It was a comment on a Tweet from the author Matt Haig. He had greeted that ‘Blue Monday’ wasn’t a real thing as Depression as a whole doesn’t follow a Calendar. Obviously he doesn’t mean that dates can’t contribute to Depression, there are obvious incidences where this would be true: anniversaries of certain life events for example.

Blue Monday is supposedly the date more people are loudly to feel Depression. It gains more publicity year on year it seems.

Matt, and many others agree, was making the point that the day itself is not a real thing from a depression point if view. One reply compared it to Valentine’s Day. To think that telling ones partner you live them on 14th February means anything more than on any other day is simply quite silly.

And my point was following on the idea that he Monday is used for awareness rather than being a ‘real thing’ by highlighting that Depression doesn’t mean I am just “sad”. Continue reading

NASA: New Horizons – Exploring far reaches of the Solar System -Ultima Thule

UT artimpression.jpg

Artistic Impression

roughly 149 Million Kilometers from the Sun.

roughly 3600 Million Kilometers from the Sun.

Ultima Thule
roughly 6500 Million Kilometers from the Sun.

Ultima Thule is roughly translated as “beyond the known world” and pronounced as ‘Ultima Tooly’

That is why the object is currently known as Ultima Thule, this is not however an official name.  The official name is ‘2014 MU69’, it is also designated as the Minor Planet number 485968.

With the flyby of NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons on the 1st January 2019 this is the furthest object from Earth to be closely surveyed.


At 31km long and 19km wide at the widest point Ultima Thule is classified as a Minot Planet. Its distant orbit of the sun is within the Kuiper Belt, an area of the Solar System with a large amount of objects, estimated at several 100 thousand, in a constant orbit of the sun.

New Horizons had previously visited Pluto and using measurements made by observations with the Hubble Telescope Ultima Thule was selected as the next target. To calculate the travel of a spacecraft to a planet 6500 Million Kilometers from the Sun and be on target is incredible.

All images in this article are from either NASA or their partner John Hopkins.

This article is my layman’s understanding of what is currently public knowledge. I will use the common name for the 2014 MU69 throughout this article. An official name will be chosen after extensive results have been received from New Horizons: there are internationally accepted conventions for the naming of objects in space.

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