Rogue Trooper film Announced (access to free comic included)


Rogue Trooper

a film from

Rebellion Productions
Liberty Films

Director: Duncan Jones
Produced by: Stuart Finnegan
Executive Producers: Jason Kingsley & Chris Kingsley

Announced by Rebellion on Monday 16th July 2018 – no release date.

Hints came from Duncan Jones on his Twitter account culminating in a teaser video on Sunday 15th July 2018.

Rogue Trooper comes from the pages of British anthology comic 2000 AD, the same source as Judge Dredd. Created by writer Gerry Finley-Day and artist Dave Gibbons. Continue reading


The Beatles – A Graphic Novel by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson (preview pages)

Beatles Cover

The Beatles Story
Writer: Angus Allan
Artist: Arthur Ranson
Published: 22nd February 2018
Hardcover & Digital
95 Pages

Originally published serialised in Look In 1981-82

Angus Allan wrote a number of stories for the TV tie-in magazines such as Century 21 and Look-In. He also wrote for the News Paper serial Garth for the Daily Mirror.

It was in Look-In that he was paired with Arthur Ranson on titles such as Sapphire and Steel and Danger Mouse.

Regular readers, or given the lack of articles recently hopefully returning readers, of this Blog will know Arthur Ranson better for his work in 2000AD such as Mazeworld, Button Man and Anderson Psi Division.

This is a story first published between 1981 & 1982 in Look-In.  Continue reading

Teething Problems

Some of you may have seen a blank article earlier or a password protected one. This is due to my long absence from regular writing. Sorry for any confusion.

I’ll not go in to the reason for not writing much as I’ve belaboured the subject enough. Earlier articles explain it all. Continue reading

2016 Annus Horribilis

The Queen called 1992 her Annus Horribilis. Among the things that challenged her that year were the divorces of two of her children, Andrew and Anne. More memorable is the revelation of Charles’ affair with Camilla which led to the split from Diana. Also that was the year that Windsor Castle was hit by fire.

My Annus Horribilis happily sees both my children still with their respective partners. I’ve not had any houses burn down.

However 2016 hasn’t been a good year for me.

Each year I do a review of what has gone by in the previous 12 months on the blog.

This year that’s not a great deal and in part I’ll explain why.

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First Musketeer – Season one on YouTube 1st June 2015 (embeded teaser & trailer)

the-first-musketeer-official-poster-1I first wrote about this web-series on 09/02/15. At that time I made the rash forecast that it might be ready as soon as March the same year. I should have been a tad more cautious.

I’m aware that some of the delays were certainly to get the best post production possible. For example it was edited in the same editing suite as ITV’s Mr Selfridge and Fox TV’s Da Vinci’s Demons.

So the 1st of June is the date for Episode one. I do not know at this time how many episodes there are but interestingly this is now billed as Season One.

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Death Sentence London – Ongoing series from Montynero & Martin Simmonds – spoiler light

Death Sentence London Published by Titan

Written by Montynero with Art by Martin Simmonds. Created by Montynero and Mike Dowling

Issue 1 out 10th June 2015

Allcoverssm4 covers available





This is an ongoing series following on from the hit miniseries by Montynero and Mike Dowling. Montynero put out a newsletter yesterday giving a bit more detail about the project.

Montynero has also written for Marvel on the X-Men Annual and Hulk Annual since publishing Death Sentence.

Mike is a busy artist these days with work in 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine s wasn’t available for the start of this series but it is planned that he’ll be on board later on. So Monty had to look for a new artist with big shoes to fall.

Monty found Martin Simmonds and the art is both in keeping with the original yet also with a flair of his own. With his own art skills, see covers A & C for proof, it is clear that Monty knows what he is looking for. Continue reading