Who is Boba Fett – Spoilers for The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2

bobaAs a run down to the release of The Mandalorian Season 2 I wrote a few articles about some of the main characters from Season 1.

There are Spoilers in those articles for Season 1 and this article has Spoilers for Season 1 and the first Chapter of Season 2.

You can find links to all my Star Wars Articles in an earlier post.

Boba Fett was introduced originally in Empire Strikes Back and apparently died in Return of the Jedi. He was added in to extra scenes of A New Hope when it was digitally remastered and extended.

Several Comics and Novels dealt with his origin and what happened after he fell in to the Sarlac Pit. Those all became ‘Legends’ when Disney bought Star Wars.

When The Mandalorian was first announced fans hoped that finally Boba Fett would return to the screen. Will he? Has he? Continue reading

Who is Moff Gideon – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

Moff GideonThis is the penultimate of my articles looking aty major characters from Season 1 of The Mandalorian.

There are some major spoilers in this article. You can however read some Spoiler Light reviews of each chapter.

Links to all my Star wars articles can be found in this earlier article. Continue reading

Everything in Moderation – Live vs Video Comic Panels for Cons

Fringe logo final-1Today I recorded a Zoom conversation with three Guests. Shea Proulx, Montynero and Umar Ditta.

This is for Thought Bubble Fringe – part of Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival.

This will be released during the Festival – It will be on YouTube on Thursdayt 12th November 2020.

I Moderate Panels at Lawless, a Comic Convention which usually runs in May in Bristol. It is a much different scale to Thought Bubble, usually around 20 Guests with 200 members of the public.

So what did I find different today filming a conversation over Zoom compared to sat on a Stage with the Guests? Continue reading

Who is Cara Dune – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

mando 4Continuing my brief write-ups of the major Characters from The Mandalorian. This is my way of counting down to Season 2 – which starts on 30th October 2020 in Disney+.

These articles carry Spoilers for Season 1, so avoid them if you haven’t seen Season 1.

You can see links to all my Spoiler Light Reviews of Season 1 and all my articles abouy Star Wars in an earlier article here. Spoilers start below. Continue reading

Who is Greef Karga – The Mandalorian (spoilers for Season One)

greef kargaContinuing my ‘countdown’ to Season 2 of The Mandalorian – premiering on Disney+ on Friday 30th October 2020.

You can find links to all my Star Wars reviews and Character Profiles such as this one in a previous article.

Greef Karga is portrayed in the Mandalorian by Carl Weathers.

Originally he was not going to last the full Season. But, it’s Carl Weathers – you need to watch the companion series of ‘Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ to hear more about that.

I did some articles similar to this a while ago for characters from the Judge Dredd comic world as published in 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine and they went down fairly well.

There are Spoilers for Season 1 below. The Reviews I write are Spoiler Light. Continue reading

Stainless Steel Rat hardback complete collection announced – expected August 2021

Stainless Steel RatThe Stainless Steel Rat
Publisdhed by Rebellion

208 Page Paperback Edition £24.99
Digital edition will be available

Deluxe Hardback Edition will be available for pre-order – Exclusive to the 2000AD Webshop

Writer: Kelvin Gosnell
Artist: Carlos Ezquerra

Adaptations of Novels by Harry Harrison


  • The Stainless Steel Rat – 2000 AD progs 140–151 (Nov. 1979 to Feb. 1980).
  • The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World – 2000 AD progs 166–177 (June to Sep. 1980).
  • The Stainless Steel Rat for President – 2000 AD progs 393–404 (Nov. 1984 to Feb. 1985)

This is one of my all time favourites from the golden era of 2000AD.

I ended up reading the full series of novels and wish the adaptations had continued. The Novels held a quote of ‘Monty Python of the Spacelanes – Daily Telegraph’. Not being a fan of Monty Python I doon’t quite agree but knowing such a quote might bring more sales I let it slide.

What do we know so far about this book? Continue reading

Leeds Rhinos – My Relationship with Rugby League

Coming from a Yorkshire family but growing up with a Father in the RAF I was constantly reminded of my roots.

The fact we were a Yorkshire family was often mentioned. No matter where we lived my parents had local Newspapers posted to them. Sometimes random issues if something special was in them but always the Airedale & Wharfedale Observer, a weekly paper, and Monday’s Yorkshire Post which had a supplement giving a roundup of all the local Sport.


Lewis Jones (C Rugby League official site)

Yorkshire Cricket and Leeds RLFC (they weren’t the Rhinos yet) were very important.

Before my parents were married they would go on dates to Headingly to watch the Cricket in the Summer or Leeds in the Winter. My Dad’s favourite player was always Lewis Jones.

Leeds was always referred as ‘Home’. “We’re going Home for Summer” was a phrase we kids would dread. Our mates went to the Seaside, we went to Leeds. One year my mates went Camping in the South of France, two families and their Mums both said I could go with them – “you can’t, we’re going Home”

But one Easter, maybe two years before that fateful non-France holiday, those dreaded words were different.

“We’re going Home for Easter. We will go see Leeds play against Northern.”

Oh my… I  was going to be my first ever LIVE Rugby League match. Continue reading

Non English Language Film & TV Recommendations – Netflix

This is the first of what I intend to be a regular feature of this Blog. These are on Netflix, I will always group suggestions according to where they can be viewed.

I prefer to watch TV & Film in the original languages. Subtitles do not distract me, bad dubbing does.

I cannot recall for certain the first TV show or Film I saw in the original language. I do recall when I lived in Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK, I watched a foreign cartoon.

We had a large TV, 36″ I think, It was 1975/76 that was a big TV back then. It was Black & White and tuned in with dials. My Brother and I picked up what we think was a Danish channel one day, it was certainly Scandinavian. We had no idea if the character spoke an actual language but it was hilarious. He did sound quite different to the News that came on after but to a none English speaker Donald Duck might not sound like he is speaking English compared to a News Anchor, especially a BBC one in those days.

Bad dubbing and remembering that cartoon made me decide toi iot for original language when able to do so.

These suggestions are TV Shows or Films which are currently on Netflix in the UK. I hope if readers like the sound of any that they are also available in their respective territories.

There may be mild spoilers below but as few as possible. There is no particular order, I don’t do ratings as my opinion may differ widely with others’. Continue reading

What I learnt This Week – 28 June to 04 July 2020

The more Eagle-eyed reader might spot a difference this week.

Last Week I covered 22nd to 28th June. This week I’m starting on 28 June. I realised that publishing on Sunday was restricting me a little as I was including the day I published. So from now I will cover the previous Sunday to Saturday. That way if I learn something after publishing I don’t need to squeeze it in to Monday…

I’m aware no one reading this would know I had fudged it… but if it troubled me when I realised.

This article won’t double up on anything I learnt on 28th…

You may also have noticed I have dropped the ‘th’ in the date format. I am doing this as I am aware non-native English Speakers sometimes struggle with ‘st’ and ‘nd’. Dates are clear enough without them. I use Month name to avoid International/US date convention confusion.

So, what did I learn in this week? Continue reading

What I learnt This Week 22nd June to 28th June 2020

Now regular article about what I learnt in a week.

I need to get back to regular articles about Comics too but with my day job and planning my Fiction Writing I’m short of time. I will try to find some time in the coming week.

As I’ve said before I learn new things regularly. Most of us learn new things but dso we always pause to acknowledge this?

As well as not having enough time to write articles about Comics I’m also watching less Documentaries, thus restricting chances to add to the list of what I’ve learnt. But still, I think I have learnt a fair number of things recently. Continue reading