Opinions you don’t agree with are not always wrong. Opinions are not Facts

In the world we live in it is increasingly hard to avoid opinions.

The world is smaller than ever due to the relative ease for many of us to travel great distances in a very short time. That’s been true all my life, I was born in 1967 and though Humans had not yet walked on the moon the age of Steam, Internal Combustion and Jet Propulsion had already pushed this forward increment by increment.

Radio and Television further shrink the world. How many people around the world in the time I was born could sing a sing by the Beatles word for word without ever walking through a street where English was the predominant language?

And now the Internet. It is so easy to fire off an opinion in reaction to sine impetus, any impetus, and for those opinions to cause a myriad of responses.

My preamble gives some context as to how culture and opinions more easily meet and potentially collide. The point of thus article is that Opinion doesn’t equal fact and at times this difference goes unnoticed and causes “issues”.

I’ll use examples to illustrate my point but of course this article in itself is merely an opinion.

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2016 Annus Horribilis

The Queen called 1992 her Annus Horribilis. Among the things that challenged her that year were the divorces of two of her children, Andrew and Anne. More memorable is the revelation of Charles’ affair with Camilla which led to the split from Diana. Also that was the year that Windsor Castle was hit by fire.

My Annus Horribilis happily sees both my children still with their respective partners. I’ve not had any houses burn down.

However 2016 hasn’t been a good year for me.

Each year I do a review of what has gone by in the previous 12 months on the blog.

This year that’s not a great deal and in part I’ll explain why.

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Countdown to Lawgiver MkIII – Guest Spotlight – Mick McMahon

LG-IIILawgiver MkIII
at Double Tree by Hilton

Saturday 28th May 2016

Guest Spotlight: Mick McMahon

2000AD was launched in February 1977 with Judge Dredd debuting in the second issue, or Prog 2. Judge Dredd was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Lawgiver is an annual convention dedicated to Judge Dredd, from Comics and Screen.

McMahonThis image shows Mick McMahon with a badge from the fabulous fan film Judge Minty.

We were fortunate to have John Wagner at the first Lawgiver convention. At this, the third year, we have Mick McMahon.

Though the look of Judge Dredd was created by Carlos Ezquerra the first published story was by Mick McMahon. McMahon also worked on Slaine, Ro-busters and ABC Warriors in the pages of 2000AD and Batman for DC Comics.

McMahon is one of the most influential Judge Dredd Artist from the 1970s and 1980s. many artists will site him as an influence in their development as an artist. I mentioned in a review once that the art reminded me of McMahon, the artist later thanked me for this comment. Continue reading

Who is Rico Dredd?

Rico.gifYou’ll notice that I said Rico Dredd, not Judge Rico. I’ll explain this for everyone, I’ll explain the difference between Rico Dredd and Judge Rico.

Rico Dredd was created by Pat Mills and Mick McMahon and first appeared in ‘The Return of Rico’ in Prog 30 in 1977.

He is a clone of the first Chief Judge, Eustace Fargo, clone-brother to Joe Dredd (the character we all know as Judge Dredd). They are exact duplicates, but can two men ever be exactly the same?

There is a Judge Rico in the current continuity of Judge Dredd, they are not the same. I’ll explain that towards the end of this article. There are spoilers below if you haven’t read the stories but as the first story was published in 1977 I’m not being too fussy about giving details of that one

I’ve done a couple of these articles already and plan to do more. You can read Who is Orlok, Who Are The Dark Judges and Who is Judge Giant. Continue reading

MH – David Bowie – how we remember those that have died (Potential Triggers bereavement

Jareth Sarah.jpgDavid Bowie died on 10th January 2016.

The news broke around 06:30 and was confirmed by his son, Duncan Jones (originally known as Zowie Bowie).

A virtuoso musician of the modern years. David Bowie had a string of hits.

This article isn’t really about David Bowie, more it is about how we remember those that have died. Someone on Twitter asked:

“Is it weird how I remember for being Jareth in as much as his music?”

He didn’t need my reply, but I gave it anyway with a simple ‘Nope’. Because how each life touches ours is individual. Continue reading

Campaign asking Netflix to make a Dredd TV Show gains Creator’s support

dreddNetA week ago, Christmas Day 2015, a petition went live asking Netflix to make a Netflix Original TV Series of Dredd.

The 2012 film Written and Produced by Alex Garland is still as popular with fans as ever.

Now Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner has shown his support. He shared a link to the Petition on his Facebook Account.

DreddNet JW

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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Opinion Review with SPOILERS

star-wars-force-awakens-official-poster-691x1024I have now seen The Force Awakens twice. So the ‘event’ has subsided slightly. More people have seen the film and importantly I have been able to talk about it with people I have been friends with for over 30 years.

So now my views are more or less what will remain of this film. These opinions are drawn only from what I have seen on screen. I haven’t read any articles that expand any details, for me it is what is on screen that really counts (until later confirmed).

I have marked this review with ‘SPOILERS’. I am aware that I am perhaps more sensitive to what constitutes a Spoiler and regular readers may take my ‘Spoiler Light’ to mean ‘Ain’t nothing to worry you’. I most in that case stress There are Spoilers in this article.

I will deal with things both out of order and context. The risk of Spoilers will increase the further you read. Each time I think the level goes up I will let you know. There will be reasonable breaks so you shouldn’t accidentally see any Spoilers stronger than you want.

If you have not seen the film you really do NOT want to read to the end of this article. There are MAJOR SPOILERS at the end. Continue reading