Badger! – really cool tool by Michael Carroll

The title image for this blog was created with the Badger program by Michael Carroll (edit April 2015 – that was the original Badge, the current one is a higher-res version Michael made for me later in 2013). Michael is a writer of novels and comics. He has written several novels including the New Heroes series published by Harper Collins. In comics he has written several strips for Future Quake and Zarjaz before writing a few strips for the Black Museum in Judge Dredd Megazine. Since 2011 Michael has written stories for Judge Dredd published in 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, most recently in Prog 1816 in January 2013. Michael also co-wrote the fan film Judge Minty with Steven Sterlacchini.

Michael was also Webmaster for the wonderful novelist Harry Harrison, who sadly passed away on 15th August 2012. I’d like to dedicate this review to Harry Harrison who was my inspiration as a teenager to try to write stories, I’ve been rejected by Marvel and BBC but at least I tried, thanks Harry. Continue reading