The Honey Joust (part 2) – An Integra of The North story – by Steve Hargett

(continued from Part 1)

Integra and her Great White Bear, Engelbert, drew a great deal of interest from others that were camped nearby but none would come close. Both rider and mount were hungry and the heat of the South had left their throats parched.

“Stay!” she commanded the Great White Bear and the mighty beast lay on the ground with a grunt. He eyed the crowds nearby, a glint of hunger in his eyes. “No eating the neighbours,” she added with a wicked grin.

She walked towards the main camp looking at the many foods that were on display. The group of ruffians she had spotted were watching her closely. there were half a dozen of them and she had no doubt they were footpads, cutpurses and burglars. There would be hundreds of thieves here, not all as honest enough to look the part as these did so well. Continue reading


2000AD Prog 1834 – general release 29/05/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1834

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 20th May 2013

General release in print & digital 29th May 2013

Cover by Henry Flint

Letters Page returns

This week Tharg is talking about Comic Cons

There is a ‘THRILLS of the FUTURE’ picture for Damnation Station II by Al Ewing & Mark Harrison

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The Complete Zenith – Hard Back Edition

Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Steve Yeowell

Price: £100
Pages: 480
Format: Hardback

Available to buy ONLY from the 2000AD online shop
Pre-order from: 1 July 2013
Published: 1 December 2013

Restricted print run of 1,000 copies

This series ran for 4 books, or Phases as they are known for Zenith. Never before reprinted Phases 3 and 4 will be included in this first, and purportedly last, chance to own the full Zenith collection in one volume.

Michael Molcher, PR Coordinator for Rebellion, says

“Zenith is the world’s first “Superbrat” – a vain, self-obsessed, egotistical pop
singer whose only interests are girls, partying, and where he is in the charts.
Yet he does not realise that there are mighty forces at work which seek to
enslave the Earth – and use him to do it!

“Starting in 1987, Zenith heralded the arrival of a talent who has since gone
on to become one of the biggest names in comic books. A very cynical British
take on superheroes, Zenith showcases themes and ideas found throughout
Morrison’s later work for Marvel and DC, and demonstrates his remarkable
depth and maturity as a writer. Yeowell’s striking black and white artwork
gave the strip a vitality and rawness that still shines through today.”

This story divides some fans of 2000AD, some don’t think it was suited for the British anthology as it was not the traditional Sci-Fi subject matter. This was a Super Hero and to some readers of 2000AD this was the antithesis of what 2000AD stood for. Personally I disagree, I was delighted to see 2000AD give a solid attempt at a genuine Super Hero.

I think this series worked. I thoroughly loved the first Phase, though certain aspects of later Phases did leave me slightly disappointed. Over all the series is a very enjoyable read and the volume will be quite sought after.

And if you think that price tag high… as I write this article Phase 1 is on E-bay for £39.99(+£2.00 P&P). That is the easiest to find Phase.

The Honey Joust (part 1) – An Integra of The North Story by Steve Hargett

It was late Spring when the Jousting season began and Heralds had been out through all the Kingdoms to bring word to all who may wish to compete. The first big Tournament of the year was the Honey Joust and the Heralds

The roads of the South were full of Knights and their retinues some with a dozen or more carts in their caravan and tens of marching men-at-arms, others simple hedge Knights with one or two retained servants. There were troupes of Players and any number of varied Minstrels. The roads were awash with colour and full of the sounds and smells that a thousand or more travellers may bring.

Further North the numbers reduced but not the variety of those travelling South. The hardiest of warriors from the North had what looked like small villages in tow. These Moorsmen were a tough breed living in the high hills that slowly gave way to the inhospitable icy grassland of the Tundra.

Further North still a single rider left the ice-bound vastness of Eboracumshire in the Icefields beyond the Tundra. Competition through winter had determined who would represent the tribes of the Icefields. The rider, diminutive and robed in furs, controlled the huge beast with a simple word or two of instruction. The mount was a Great White Bear, prime predator of the Icefields.

None traveled with the Champion of Ice. They had other things to keep them occupied without a need to travel South. Yet each year they selected a Champion of Ice to go to the Honey Joust and bring back the prize. If the Champion of Ice failed to win they may never return North of the tundra. If they crossed that rugged grassland their life was forfeit and any one, no matter how base or from what tribe, may kill them on sight, take all they carry and fear no retribution.

Integra of The NorthIt was a position of honour to be named Champion of Ice and this year a Brigante, one of the tribes of the Icefields, had risen to the challenge. To those of the Icefields she was Integra of the Fair Brook.  To those South of the Tundra she was simply Integra of The North. Continue reading

The Complete D.R. and Quinch – spoiler light

Alan Moore. Alan Davis, Jamie Delano

Alan Davis

Steve Potter

Cover Art:
Alan Davis

Previously published in Progs 317, 350-359, 363-367, Sci Fi Special 1985, 525-530, 532-534

Created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis this pair of teenage delinquents debuted in a Time Twisters episode in Prog 317, 21st May 1983. That story, entitled ‘D.R. and Quinch Have Fun on Earth’ was credited to E. E. Quinch, one of the title characters.

The characters are college students Ernie Quinch, whose psychiatrist describes as a psychotic deviant, and Waldo Dobbs, better known as F.R., which stands for Diminished Responsibility. Continue reading

Want a Sequel to Alex Garland’s Dredd?

The film didn’t do well in the cinemas. I think everyone that loves the film can agree with that simple fact.

There are several campaigns going on online to get support for a sequel.

I would like to voice a word of caution & advice. Go ahead and ask, sign petitions, write emails, send letters, etc; but remember we need DNA and IM Global to make a film we want to see. Or as I put it on the 2000AD Forum:

“we want them to want us to want it” Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1833 – general release 22/05/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1833

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 13th May 2013

General release in print & digital 22nd May 2013

Cover by Glenn Fabry

No letters page.

Tharg bigs up IDW’s Dredd line up, the ongoing Judge Dredd series, the Judge Dredd: Year One mini series the Brian Bolland & Carlos Ezquerra, the upcoming Mega City Two story City of Courts, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd later this year by Al Ewing and John McCrae…

Quite a lot of Dredd there. Not liking the cover of City of Courts but I dare say I’ll buy it.

There is a Droid Life cartoon this Prog.

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