America NA Edition – Spoiler light (6 pages preview art)

JD America USJudge Dredd: America
Published by Rebellion

North America Edition
US/CANADA ONLY: 11 August 2015 $18.99

Available in digital from: Amazon Kindle, Nook, 2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Script: John Wagner
Art: Colin MacNeil
Colour: Alan Cradock, Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

America is often held up as one of the most important stories in Judge Dredd’s history. You may have noticed I didn’t phrase that sentence ‘Judge Dredd story’. The lead story was originally published in the first issue of Judge Dredd Megazine and was received with critical acclaim. Granted not all were fans but many were won over on second readings. those that needed winning over mostly didn’t like the fact that Dredd wasn’t the central character.

Central to this story is America Jara, a girl born in Mega City One. She is the first child born in the Big Meg to an immigrant family from the Puerto Rican Wastes. Named America for the new start her family are getting. Then there is her childhood friend Bennett Beeny. Bennett grows to be a successful entertainer. America goes a different root, she becomes a terrorist fighting for her beliefs. America believes in Democracy.

Preview pages are at the end of the review, after the list of Contents. Continue reading

2000AD/Judge Dredd Gatherings and events 31st July & 1st August

lawgiverdredd01There’s been a lull in these articles, I usually do one each month rounding up any 2000AD/Judge Dredd get-togethers or Events that I am aware of. Normal service will resume in August, which is very close.

The title image on this article is by Eisner Nominated Artist Neil McClements (Best Anthology & Best Reality-Based 2015)

Just two Events to tell you about at very short notice, apologies to both organisers but I am sure there will be great turnouts without any help from me.

Friday 31st July is the next date for the Belfast 2000AD Discussion Group and Saturday 1st of August is the Opening Night Preview of the art display Judgement in Cardiff! Continue reading

Horse Training Shows at Royal Armouries Summer 2015

Horse Shows starring Atkinson Action Horses
Royal Armouries, Leeds

HorsiesWednesdays from 29th July to 2nd September

Shows at 12:00 & 15:00 each Wednesday
Children £2.00
Adults £4.00
Family £10.00 (2 Adults, 2 Children)

Tickets available

Atkinson Action Horses will be at Royal Armouries each Wednesday during the six week School Holiday period. The first shows are tomorrow, Wednesday 29th July 2015.

Atkinson Action horses are a world famous stunt display team that have appeared in a nymber of Films and TV shows. Recently Ben Atkinson was stunt double for Aiden Turner in BBC’s Poldark. All the horses in Poldark were from Atkinson Action Horses.

Mark Atkinson, seen in the picture above, and his son Ben lead the team that can call on over a dozen riders. They have a large stock of horses of a variety of breeds. As well as providing horses and riders for Film and TV they also provide horses to Jousts around the country such as at Royal Armouries and Arundel International Tournament. They breed horses for sale to riders and train horses and riders commercially.

What can you expect at these shows? Continue reading

The House of Daemon – collected by Hibernia Press

House of DaemonThe House of Daemon Published by Hibernia Press
Available on Comicsy £9.00

Written by Alan Grant and John Wagner
Illlustrated by José Ortiz
Letters by Steve Potter (episodes 1-3, 9, 11, 19 and 22-23), Jack Potter (episodes 4, 6), Paul Bensberg (episodes 5, 7-8, 10, 12-18 and 21) Peter Knight (episode 20)

Originally serialised in Eagle comic issues 25-47
(September 11th 1982 – February 12th 1983)

The House of Daemon created by Alan Grant,
John Wagner and José Ortiz

Hibernia have a reputation of bringing British Comic classics back to life in quality reproductions. I have reviewed several of the previous publications from Hibernia and here is another.

House of Daemon replaced The Tower King in the British anthology comic Eagle. starting in issue 25.

The writers are a famous pair of British comic heavyweights. John Wagner and Alan Grant brought us Judge Dredd and introduced the world to Judge Death. They’ve entertained us with stories in British comics and US comics alike. They are working together on Rom of the Reds published by Blackhearted Press

The artist is Spanish artist Jose Ortiz who illustrated the preceding story, The Tower King and The Thirteenth Floor in another British Anthology, Scream. Continue reading

Neroy Sphinx: Back in the Game

neroy sphinx coverNeroy Shinx
Back In The Game
Published by Futurequake Press

Writer: Daniel Whiston
Artists: Johnny McMonagle, James KirCough, Dave Thomson
Letterer: Bolt-01

Editors: Dave Evans & Richmond Clements

Genre – Sci-Fi

Available from the FQP Webshop £5.00

Neroy Sphinx, Conman, Thief, Industrialist and Politician. His memory has been stolen and he nees it back so he can get Back In The Game.

This is a creator owned project from Daniel Whiston under the guidance of Futurequake Press. Chapters 2 to 11 have previously been published in FutureQuake, a periodical Anthology from the publishers of the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

There are quotes on the back cover from John Wagner, creator of Judge Dredd, and Michael Carroll, author of the Quantum Prophecy/New Heroes series of novels. To have such good quotes from the British Comic great John Wagner is quite something. John encourages newcomers and has recruited from Futurequake. Similarly Michael Carroll is a force to reckon with. He is one of the current stable of Judge Dredd writers for 2000AD as well as writing over a dozen novels. There is an introduction by James Lovegrove, New York Times Bestseller.

This is the first work I have reviewed by Daniel Whiston. Continue reading

Sebastian Vettel equals Ayrton Senna’s record of wins – dedicates this to Jules Bianchi

jules-bianchiJules Bianchi died on Friday 19th July 2015. The French Formula 1 driver was 25 years old.

He had been in a coma since crashing in to a recovery vehicle at Suzuka during the Japanese Grand Prix, in 2014.

This was the first death in Formula 1 since the death of Ayrton Senna.

Ayrton_SennaAyrton Senna has been heralded for decades as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. He died in a crash during the San Moreno Grand Prix at Imola, Italy on 1st July 1994. Roland Ratzenberger died in a crash during the qualifying round the day before.

Vettel-Ferrari-2015Sebastian Vettel, four time Champion of Formula 1, equaled Ayrton Senna’s record of 162 wins, third behind Alain Prost with 202 and Michael Schumacher with 308. Senna was Champion three times.

I assume any table would show Senna’s name above Vettel. Continue reading

Rule32: Enjoy The little Things – Two Years On

Rile 32 DiceRule32 Promotions started off with a crowd funding pitch on Indigogo for a Cafe/Venue for get-togethers to celebrate all things geek.

The idea was not just to have a themed Cafe but to run events, such as Games Nights, a place for geeks run by geeks. I popped a wee bit in to the hat after hearing about the idea on Twitter. I got in touch with them and arranged to interview them about their idea.

The interview is available here and if you read to the end you’ll see me suggesting a Dredd get-together and/or Judge Minty night. Funny that given how things have turned out. Continue reading

Razorjack: Double-Crossing – a novel by Michael Carroll

cov-rj1bRazorjack: Double-Crossing

First edition, paperback 2011
This Kindle edition 2015

Book text and content © 2015 Michael Carroll

Razorjack and related characters created by John Higgins

Cover by John Higgins

Razorjack began life as a creation of Artist John Higgins. John wrote and illustrated the original 14 page story in 1999, self published by John. There was a sequel, a two issue miniseries, published in 2001 by Com.X. These stories were collected in a Trade Paperback published by Com.X in 2009.

In 2013 a Razorjack collection was published by Titan, much of the dialogue reworked by Michael Carroll. I reviewed this version earlier this year.

What I was unaware of when I read the collected edition was that in 2009 there had been a limited edition paperback by Michael Carroll. I became aware of this first when Michael announced he was issuing a Kindle Edition of this novel. I learnt of the earlier paperback on the 2000AD Forum.

There is no need to have read the comics to follow the action in the novel. However if you are a fan of Michael Carroll’s YA Fiction, New Heroes, you do need to know that this book is aimed at older readers. Continue reading

Heroes and Villains at Royal Armouries this Summer

Heroes & VillainsSaturday 25th July
to Sunday 6th September 2015
Royal Armouries Leeds

Atkinson Action Horses: Horse Training
Every Wednesday from 29th July
to 2nd September 2015 at 12:00 & 15:00

This summer holiday Royal Armouries have a variety of themed events.

I’ll bring more details when I am aware of them. From the poster it looks like they’ll be looking at myths and legends and putting them in historical context. Continue reading

Live Music: Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone – Leeds 30th June 2015

I’m late writing this review, things have been a little less than ideal here. Better late than never.

Tuesday 30th June 2015
The Packhorse
Woodhouse Lane

Headlined and organised by Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone.

I arrived a little later than planned due to the heat, I was going to go straight from work but in the end realised I needed to go home and change. So I missed the opening act and came in part way through the second support, Hombre. Continue reading