A new Death Sentence in 2015 – spoiler light with preview art included

DeathSentence_FP_Variant-600x911Death Sentence was created by Montynero & Mike Dowling

Death Sentence took the comic world by storm in 2013/14. Written by Montynero & illustrated by Mike Dowling the first season told a story about three individuals infected by an incurable, fatal STD called G+ Virus. Covers were painted by Montynero, the one accompanying this article was the Forbidden Planet exclusive for Issue 1.

But there is more to it than that. The G+ Virus may be a death sentence but it also brings power. Everyone that is infected develops super powers and the strength of those powers increases as the day or reckoning approaches.

DeathSentence_Issue01_P1Six issues of high octane action with an equal amount of in depth characterisation. As you can see from page 1 of the first issue the characters are treated as real humans. Each character has needs, wants, desires, strengths and weaknesses.

The reaction of each of the characters to their situation is personal. The story is as much about their lives as it is about their impending deaths.

You can read reviews of the first season elsewhere on this blog, here is a link to my review of issue 1. I also published an interview with Monty in 2013.

I haven’t heard an exact date yet but season two of this series is going to hit shops this year. This comic has brought the pair a lot of exposure and both have been published in 2000AD, with Mike also published in 2000AD’s sister comic Judge Dredd Megazine. Monty has also been published by Marvel and Vertigo. Mike had already been published in 2000AD in 2011.

The new series will have art from a new artist, Martin Simmonds. Martin’s art is amazing as you’ll see from the unlettered pages below. Fans of Mike Dowling needn’t fear. Martin has come on board only because Mike is busy on other projects. If plans go ahead as envisaged the series will continue with both artists.

When I know a release date, title for the new season, etc, I’ll be sharing those details with you. In the meantime, gaze in awe at two pages of Martin’s art.DS Martin DS Martin 2


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