Mall by Moreci, Dauberman, Hartong, Duke & Campbell – spoiler light preview


Published by Vault

Written by
Michael Moreci & Gary Dauberman
Zak Hartong
Addison Duke
Jim Campbell

Publisher: Damian A Wassel
Editor in Chief: Adrian F Wassel
Art Director: Nathan C Wooton

I’ve read quite a few Comics by Michael Moreci, you can find a few reviews on this site. I particularly recommend Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Hoax Hunters. Here he is writing with Screenwriter and Director, Gary Dauberman. I’m assuming the plot originated with Dauberman and Moreci adapted it for comics- that’s just a guess.

I found his comics because I follow the Letterer Jim Campbell on Twitter. Jim Letters a lot of comics I like There is a common root, Jim wrote Inspectre in Judge Dredd Magazine. He has lettered many comics featuring other creators from 2000AD.

I don’t think the cover above is the final version. Vault tend to credit all the creators, including Letterer and the digital copy I am previewing from does this. Given that I often by a book based on the Letterer this is a good idea. I doubt many other readers do the same, Many readers overlook the importance of a good letterer. You can read an Interview with Jim Campbell on this blog.

Mall is set after the world we know it has ended, civilisation continued in a large shopping mall. You can read about this in the preview pages at the end of this article. What happened to the world probably won’t matter and if it doesn’t matter to the story keep it brief – they do.

Varying tribes exist in the Mall and I suspect we’ll see some interesting contrasts as the series progresses.

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Marvel Action: Spider-Man – Preview Pages included – Spoiler Light

MA Spider-Man c.jpgMarvel Action: Spider-man
Published by IDW

Written by Delilah S. Dawson
Art by Fico Ossio
Colors by Ronda Pattison
Letters by Shawn Lee

Associate Editor: Chase Marotz
Editor in Chief: John Barber
Assistant Editors: Anni Perheentupa & Elizabeth Brei
Editor: Denton J. Tipton

Spider-Man created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Originally Published in 3 Issues November 2018, March 2019 & May 2019. The title is now more regular with monthly issues.

Marvel Action is a separate Universe to the main Marvel continuity. The imprint is aimed at ‘All Ages’. The term is used rather than ‘Young Readers in an attempt to not put off more mature readers. If well written there is certainly no reason a story can’t entertain all.

There are preview pages at the bottom of this article.

As the cover suggests there are three Spideys in this story. Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Continue reading

I have all the right moods; not necessarily in the right order. I’ll give you that.

I used the first sentence in the title of this article earlier today on Twitter.

It is using a phrasing pattern that many in the UK will recognise. It’s channeling the comedian Eric Morecambe from a famous Morecambe & Wise sketch.

It was a comment on a Tweet from the author Matt Haig. He had greeted that ‘Blue Monday’ wasn’t a real thing as Depression as a whole doesn’t follow a Calendar. Obviously he doesn’t mean that dates can’t contribute to Depression, there are obvious incidences where this would be true: anniversaries of certain life events for example.

Blue Monday is supposedly the date more people are loudly to feel Depression. It gains more publicity year on year it seems.

Matt, and many others agree, was making the point that the day itself is not a real thing from a depression point if view. One reply compared it to Valentine’s Day. To think that telling ones partner you live them on 14th February means anything more than on any other day is simply quite silly.

And my point was following on the idea that he Monday is used for awareness rather than being a ‘real thing’ by highlighting that Depression doesn’t mean I am just “sad”. Continue reading

NASA: New Horizons – Exploring far reaches of the Solar System -Ultima Thule

UT artimpression.jpg

Artistic Impression

roughly 149 Million Kilometers from the Sun.

roughly 3600 Million Kilometers from the Sun.

Ultima Thule
roughly 6500 Million Kilometers from the Sun.

Ultima Thule is roughly translated as “beyond the known world” and pronounced as ‘Ultima Tooly’

That is why the object is currently known as Ultima Thule, this is not however an official name.  The official name is ‘2014 MU69’, it is also designated as the Minor Planet number 485968.

With the flyby of NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons on the 1st January 2019 this is the furthest object from Earth to be closely surveyed.


At 31km long and 19km wide at the widest point Ultima Thule is classified as a Minot Planet. Its distant orbit of the sun is within the Kuiper Belt, an area of the Solar System with a large amount of objects, estimated at several 100 thousand, in a constant orbit of the sun.

New Horizons had previously visited Pluto and using measurements made by observations with the Hubble Telescope Ultima Thule was selected as the next target. To calculate the travel of a spacecraft to a planet 6500 Million Kilometers from the Sun and be on target is incredible.

All images in this article are from either NASA or their partner John Hopkins.

This article is my layman’s understanding of what is currently public knowledge. I will use the common name for the 2014 MU69 throughout this article. An official name will be chosen after extensive results have been received from New Horizons: there are internationally accepted conventions for the naming of objects in space.

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Ron Smith – Legendary Comic Artist has died – 10 January 2019.

Ron Smith is one of the most widely recognised Artists of Judge Dredd. Along with others such as Carlos Ezquerra, Brian Bolland and Mick McMahon his style was instantly recognisable.

In some ways Ron Smith’s Dredd is probably the one more people think of than from other Artists. The main reason for that is his covers for reprints sold internationally, specifically the Eagle branded reprints.

We lost Carlos in October 2018 and now Ron Smith.

I say we because I’m not just a fan sat at home alone. I am heavily into Judge Dredd fandom. This Blog started entirely because if Judge Dredd. Though it has expanded to cover many subjects.

I’ve helped run Lawgiver, a Dredd inspired Comic Convention. I moderate Panels of Dredd Creators. I was at the premier of Dredd (2012) with a number of other fans.

I am one among many Dredd fans, we are all grieving again.

More so, Ron’s art touched 2000AD fans but his art touched much more.

At the end of this article I’ll repeat an anecdote I told when Carlos died. Before that you’ll see a document given to me by Rufus Dayglo, another 2000AD artist and a friend of Ron Smith – Ron’s CV.

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2018 in Review

I have started getting a few articles online after letting the blog fall in to a lull.

I’ve made no secret of the reason. My ill health. You can read all about the worst of that in some posts from 2016 & 2017.

2018 has been a much better year for me. No operations, several hospital visits as an out patient.

I have had difficulty sitting and writing.  Plenty of ideas for fiction,  prose and scripts. Plenty of ideas for blog posts.

I have written more though and this year the blog received more views than last year,  not many more but more.

Given the downward trend of writing and the obvious downward trend in views that causes, no matter how small the increase has been it is encouraging to me.

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Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me – TV series review (spoiler free)

Originally Aired BBC2 Tuesday 18th December 2018.

Presenter Gordon Buchanan

Producer Anwar Mamon

Executive Producer Ted Oakes

Executive Producer Wendy Rattray

I have reviewed several wildlife documentaries, including previous series in this ‘family’ of programmes.

Previous series have seen Gordon Buch as an follow a family of animals through the development of their young. This series looks at orphaned young being prepared for release in to the wild.

The Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Bubonitsy village in the Tver Region, 450 km northwest of Moscow. The Pazhetnov family have run the centre for three generations. It is a family run charitable organisation.

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