Michael Collin -Stunt Rider – appeared on BBC’s The Voice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI often write about Horse Stunt Shows and Jousting at Royal Armouries. One of the talented Riders that features regularly in those shows is Michael Collin.

Here he is performing his favourite stunt, standing on a moving horse, in this case the horse is Bruce.

An Actor and Stunt Rider, Mike’s been on your TV screens in programs such as BBC’s Jamaica Inn. On Saturday 6th of June Mike was on BBC’s The Voice in the 5th week of Blind Auditions.

I won’t say how he did – you can see his performance in an embeded video at the end of this article, after his Showreel.

As a member of Atkinson Action Horses Mike has entertained my family for a few years now. He is a very accomplished horseman acting as a Squire in the Jousts and performing stunts at some of the Jousts and at the Atkinson Action Horses own shows such as The Final Charge.

As I said in the introduction he has been on big & small screen as a stunt rider. In Jamaica Inn he was one of the soldiers hunting down the smugglers, getting some good screen time including his face being central screen at least once. One of Mike’s performances in an internet film, Of Knights and Knaves is below.

Hopefully we’ll see more and more of Mike on screen.

Michael Collin in Of Knights and Knaves

Michael Collin’s Showreel

Michael Collin on BBC’s The Voice

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