2000AD Prog 1900 – spoiler free review – new readers start here!

COVER 19002000AD Prog 1900

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 10th August 2013

General release in print & digital 14th August 2013
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Cover: Greg Staples

This is the much heralded ‘Jump on Prog’ where all the stories are new. It is an ideal place for new readers to start or lapsed readers to get back in the fold.

A new titles logo and cover layout. On the inside cover there is an editorial address from Tharg and a brief explanation of the background to the stories in this issue.

Only three stories this issue, two more start next issue to round the line-up to the standard five stories that is usual for 2000AD. Continue reading

Exit Generation – issue 2 of 4 – spoiler light

Exit_Generation__2_CoverExit Generation – A Creator Owned Project

Writer: Sam Read
Artist: Caio Olivera
Cover Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Colours: Marissa Louise
Letters: Colin Bell
Editor: Adam P Knave

Print available at OK Comics, Leeds and other retail outlets
Digital available from Read French Comics £1.00

You can read my review of Issue 1.

Self publishing isn’t an easy task and for Sam Read it has been made more complicated by the success of his co-creators, There is a change of colourist between Issues 1 & 2 due to Ruth Redmond getting more work from Marvel UK.

Keep an eye on these names, there will be more from most of them in your LCS shortly.

There is lots of Sam Read in my LCS, he works in OK Comics. Check out his blog where he talks about Exit Generation, OK Comics and more.

Last issue saw the chosen of humanity leave the dying planet. Chaos must have ensued and I imagine many left behind died in the chaos. Twenty years later the story brought us Jack and Mo, two friends born after Exit.

Issue 1 ended with aliens visiting Earth and taking Mo’s parents, Jack’s foster family. Continue reading

Something new this way comes – 2000AD Prog 1900 is a ‘Jump On’ point

My subscription copy of Prog 1899 arrived in the post on Saturday and will be in shops Wednesday 17th September.

Prog 1900 will be arriving with subscribers on Saturday 20th September and will be on general sale on Wednesday 24th September. With three new stories this is a Jump On point.

2000AD regularly have a Jump On Prog where new or lapsed readers can have a fresh start. All the stories are new and usually if information is needed from previous stories there is a ‘what happened last’ style introduction. Most writers for 2000AD though will give all the information that is essential in the story itself. Continue reading

rEVENGER – issue 1 by Warwick Fraser-Coombe – spoiler light

by Warwick Fraser-Coombe
(Written, painted & lettered)

Issue 1 published September 2014

Available for £3.50 + £2.00 P&P UK
Outside UK ask for a quote
Contact Warwick via FB

Recommended for mature readers

I saw a recommendation for this comic on Facebook from Neil McClements, you can see some of Neil’s art in my original fiction There are Others Out There and I have reviewed Neil’s work in a couple of anthologies, including the recent World War One tome To End All Wars.

So knowing Neil’s talent I heeded his recommendation.

This is an origin story and a scene setter where Warwick Fraser-Coombe introduces us to the world as seen by the central character. The story is self contained. Continue reading

Anderson Psi Division – part 2 (of 4) – spoiler light (includes 5 preview pages)


Anderson Psi Division
The King of the Six Sectors
Issue 2 or 4

Published by IDW
10th September 2014

Writer: Matt Smith
Artist: Carl Critchlow
JD_PSI02-cvrRILetters: Shawn Lee

Cover Art:
Matt Haley (right)
Mimi Yoon  (far right)
Ilya Krushinov (lower right)

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra
Psi Judge Anderson created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland

This story ties in with last year’s acclaimed IDW Judge Dredd mini-series by Matt Smith, Judge Dredd: Year One. It isn’t a direct sequel as such and if you haven’t read Year One you’ll follow this story fine (though I suggest catching up with Year One as it is a fine read).

For those who don’t know – Matt Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of 2000AD products at Rebellion. He Edits 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine and is in charge of such decisions as which 2000AD stories get the US Format treatment (such as the Movie Sequel Dredd: Underbelly). Here instead of editing for 2000AD he is scripting for IDW.

The action picks up from last month’s cliff hanger deep in the Alabama Morass where Anderson was investigating with Texas City’s Judge Degroot. Continue reading

Save the Snooty Fox, Wakefield – An online campaign

SnootyThe Snooty Fox in Wakefield is a live rock music venue. The owner, Malc Shipman, runs a great venue that is full of character.

Not only do they deliver a top notch sound for the bands and audience but they film the performance and stream the concerts LIVE, subject to copyright.

I’ve been several times, you can read my review of Fox Fest from February 2013. I don’t write much about live music but I do appreciate live bands in local venues (by that I mean pubs and bars rather than huge Arenas and ‘local’ outdoor concerts rather than V or Glastonbury).

Too many local venues close without replacement and it’d be a shame to see one as good as Snooty Fox to go the same way.

Malc has opened a ‘Go Fund Me’ account to raise money to clear some debt and upgrade the facilities. Donations, no matter how small, could help save this great venue.