Something Wicked issue 10 – spoiler light

SomethingW10Something Wicked Issue 10

Published by: Futurequake Press annually in November

Creator owned material

Edited by:
Dave Evans &
Richmond Clements

Cover: Jon Taylor

Genre – Horror

An anthology of horror stories from the Editors that run 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz & Dogbreath. Ten stories with very varied themes, most but not all have a twist in the end.

Balancing an anthology of this kind isn’t always going to be easy. The same themes or similar twists in the endings need to be avoided. Similarly the art needs to be varied and suit the story. Also, and this is important to me in a small press anthology, I like to see different story lengths. 2000AD has stories that are between 4 and 6 pages long most commonly.

I skim anthologies before I read them, I’ve read antholgies for forty years so I’m adept at not spoiling the stories when I do it. I’m reviewing this from a paper copy, I much prefer paper, skimming through I could easily see the variety in lengths of story and art styles. On skimming I saw that one art style was on only two pages.

So I knew that these stories varied in length and art styles and had the Editors delivered on all counts?

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Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 24 – spoiler light with preview pages

JD CF24Judge Dredd Complete Case-Files 24
Published by Rebellion
UK ONLY: 12 Feb £19.99

Available in print from: Diamond
and all good book and comic book stores
Available in digital from: Amazon Kindle, Nook, from
2000 AD webshop, 2000 AD iPad app

Cover: Cliff Robinson

Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 959-983
& The Judge Dredd Megazine 3.04-3.16.

Genre: Sci-Fi (and pretty much everything else)

Writers: John Wagner. Pat Mills. Alan Grant, Alan Barnes, Dan Abnett, Mark Millar, Robbie Morrison, Jim Alexander, Andrew Cartmell, Mark Millar, John Smith, Tony Skinner, Paul Neal
Artists: John Burns, Cliff Robinson, Steve Yeowell, Carlos Ezquerra. Colin MacNeil, Jason Brashill. Simon Davis. Dean Ormston, Jason Brashill, Simon Jacob, Anthony Williams, Lee Sulivan, Ashley Sanders, Simon Davis, Paul Marshall, Tom Carnet, Maya Given, Dean Ormston, Ray Bryant, Marc Wigmore
Colours: P.B. Smith,
Letterers: Tom Frame, Ellie De Ville, Fiona Stephenson.

320 pages of stories from both 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. As with most Case Files as this is a large collection of Judge Dredd stories in print order the stories vary greatly in theme and style. This makes for a very interesting read.

A full list of contents follows and there are 6 pages of The Cal Files, oddly reproduced without credits. I’ll just review two stories, one from 2000AD and one from the Megazine. Continue reading

Judge Dredd Megazine 355 – SPOILERS – preview pages

Meg CoverJudge Dredd Megazine 355
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 13th December 2014
General release in print & digital
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Cover: Colin MacNeil

Genre: Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up this issue

Meg Contents

One story ends and three begin, so not too bad a starting place if you aren’t a regular reader.

I’m reviewing from a Pdf preview copy. Unlike my Preview of Prog 2015 I’ve actually read this issue so below there are a few comments (spoiler light) on the stories followed by the first 2 pages of each. So I’ll remind readers when the spoiler level is increasing.

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Daemonium Episode 4 Premiere – 01:00 GMT 12 December 2015

daemonium4Daemonium IV: El Lupo y El Mago

Premieres 12th December 2015 at 01:00
Local time in Argentina 22:00

Available on the Daemonium You Tube account

I came across this series when the second episode, La Hora Cero, won the main prize at Wasteland Weekend in September 2013. Not that I was there, I heard about that through the organiser Jared Butler. Jared was the voice of Judge Dredd in Judge Minty. Continue reading

Prog 2015 Preview – SPOILERS including first 2 pages of Dark Justice

2015 C

2000Ad Prog 2015

Published in the UK by Rebellion

100 Page bumper issue

Subscription release
Saturday 13th December 2014

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Here’s the line-up for this Prog.

2015 contents

There is a Quiz and a double page of letters & photos from readers.

I’ve already written about what I expected from this Prog before receiving the Pdf Preview Copy, that article is spoiler free. There are preview pages below so if you don’t like spoilers, don’t read further than here.  Continue reading

Judge Dredd: Mega Collection – new part work from Hachette

Dredd Col1Judge Dredd: Mega Collection
Published by Hachette in 80 parts

1st issue £1.99
2nd Issue £6.99
Subsequent issues £9.99

Estimated average page count – 200

Previously published in 2000AD & Judge Dredd Megazine

Genre – Sci-Fi

Officially announced 11th December 2014 for national release in the UK, launching 21st January 2015. Issue one will be in most major Newsagents on the 21st of January (£1.99). Issue one features one of the most popular stories that is considered by many to start the ‘modern era’ of Judge Dredd: America. Subsequent issues each fortnight (2nd issue is £6.99 with all subsequent issues at £9.99.

Each issue has specially selected stories collected in themes. There will be key stories, previously unseen artwork, interviews with creators and more. Continue reading

Ditko’s Shorts – A Collection from IDW -Preview pages included

DitkosShorts_Cover6_5Ditko’s Shorts
The One, Two and Three Pagers
Published by IDW & Yoe Books

Artist: Steve Ditko
Writers: Uncredited

Edited by
Craig Yoe & Fester Faceplant

Previously Published in a variety of titles, each original print is mentioned after each story.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror

Steve Ditko, a name that almost all Comic fans must have heard of. He is credited as co-creator of Spider-man and Doctor Strange. With Doctor Strange planned for a new movie Steve Ditko’s name will no doubt become wider known again.

Most think of the long 32 page version of US comics with a single story, though in the 70’s I recall many US comics having secondary strips, here we are presented with short stories of between one and three pages.

I’m an avid reader of 2000AD, the British anthology comic. That’s common knowledge to regular readers and the name of this blog is inspired by Judge Dredd, from the pages of 2000AD. So I am used to anthologies and short stories. Indeed if you look around this blog I review a lot of anthologies. A good story can be told in as few as one frames, let along one to three pages. Continue reading