Fatale Book 4 Pray for Rain – Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips – spoiler light

fatale4Fatale Book 4
Published by Image
February 2014

144 Pages

Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

Colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser

Previously published as Fatale issues 15 to 19

Josephine is not all she seems. She’s a mysterious woman who has not aged for a very long time and those whose lives she touches don’t have happy endings.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips nring us the penultimate collection of this series (book 5, the final book, is already out).

Sean Phillips is familiar to me from his work for 2000AD, you can read a review of Devlin Waugh elsewhere on this blog. Sean is also well known for his work on Hellblazer for Vertigo. The only works of Ed Brubaker I have read are the earlier books in this series. Ed has also written several arcs in many Batman titles for DC and Captain America and Daredevil for Marvel. Together they have worked on a number of titles including Sleeper and Criminal. Continue reading

Predator vs Dredd vs Aliens – from 2000AD & Dark Horse


Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens

Co-published by Rebellion & Dark Horse
October 9th 2014 UK & Ireland £25.00
October 21at 2014 North America $29.00
Hardcover – 208 Pages

This volume collects:
Predator versus Judge Dredd issue 1–3
(Judge Dredd Megazine vol. 3 issues 36–38) &
Judge Dredd versus Aliens: Incubus issues 1–4
(2000AD Prog 1322–1335)

Cover by Henry Flint

Predator vs Judge Dredd
Writer: John Wagner
Line Artist: Alcatena
Colorists: Perry McNamee, Jimmy Johns, John Hanan III, and Dave Stewart
Letterer: Gary Fields
Chapter Break Artists: Brian Bolland, Duncan Fegredo, Dermot Power, Martin Emond, and Igor Kordey

Judge Dredd versus Aliens
Writers: John Wagner and Andy Diggle
Line Artist: Henry Flint
Colorist: Chris Blythe
Letterer: Tom Frame
Chapter Break Artists: Greg Staples, Henry Flint, Kev Walker, Jock with Chris Blythe, and Frazer Irving

Firstly – I haven’t re-read these stories since original publication. So it is almost as though I am looking at them for the first time. There is much that I didn’t remember.

I am reviewing from a Pdf copy so can’t comment on anything such as gutter loss, I am assuming given the quality of recent 2000AD publications there will be no gutter loss.

The wording on the cover is slightly odd ‘Incubus and other stories’ There are only two stories reprinted here. Incubus is an alternative name for Judge Dredd vs Aliens. Continue reading

Killspree – a new online comic

Kill Spree logo-smallA new webcomic from Tim West with art by Portuguese artist Eliseu “Zeu” Gouveia.

Tim has been published in several anthologies including a few that I have reviewed, such as AAIIEEE!!! Night Flight of Terror & The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel,. He is also the founder of Comicsy, an online store for independabtly published UK & Irish comics.

Eliseu is a new artist to me but readers may know him from Starwarp Concepts’ Lorelei or The Saga Of Pandora Zwieback.

Kill Spree will be updated each Friday. According to the site this is advised for mature readers.

“A gang of disturbed special needs kids seize control of America’s most high-tech shopping mall and embark on a deadly game of competitive mass-murder, broadcasting the entire event live as the world watches on in horror.”

Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1902 – spoiler light

19022000AD Prog 1902

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 4th October 2014

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 8th October 2014
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Cover: Richard Elson

Reviewing this from my subscription copy

Tharg bigs up some review sites, not this one – it seems there are other review sites; imagine that. He also states that this editorial was written as Prog 1900 went on sale. That’s two issues back so a pretty recent editorial, many are written weeks, if not months in advance.

There is a competition to win a copy of the recent TPB of Department of Monsterology: Monsterology 101 which I recently reviewed. This book is published by 2000AD’s friends over in Canada, Renegade Entertainment. om 8th October.

There is a letters page in this Prog. Continue reading

X-Files Year Zero – issue 3 – spoiler light (5 preview pages)

XFiles_YZ03_cvrX-Files Year Zero issue (3 of 5)
Published by IDW
1st October 2014

Written by: Karl Kesel
Art by: Greg Scott and Vic Malhotra
Colors by: Mat Lopes
Letters by: Robbie Robbins

Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Executive Producer: Chris Carter

Cover art by Carlos Valenzuela

The X-Files created by Chris Carter

Continuing the origin story of the X-Files.

The case that Mulder and Scully are investigating in the present is connected directly to the very first case. In1946 that case was investigated by FBI Special Agent Bing Ellison and ‘Special Employee’ Millie Ohio, remember there were no female Agents at that time. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1901 – spoiler light

2000AD PROG 19012000AD Prog 1901

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 27th September 2014

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 1st October 2014
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Cover: Nick Percival

Reviewing this from my subscription copy

Tharg bigs up the line-up of current stories. Joining the three from last Prog are Ichabod Azrael (abbreviated title) and Greysuit. We get confirmation that this is planned to be the final outing for Ichabod. As these are both returning stories there is a recap but it is obviously quite brief.

A ‘New Thrill’ is announced. Orlock, Agent of East-Meg One: Eurozoned by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch. This debuted in this year’s Sci Fi Special from the same team. Continue reading