IDW & Marvel Team-Up on Star Wars

idw starwarsIDW and Marvel have teamed up to repring the 1977 Star Wars comics in two formats.

The two publishers have worked together on several projects. IDW have a track record of working well with other publishers on deluxe and specialist versions of classic material.

For example the Judge Dredd Treasury Edition that they published in March 2014. That book really was a thing of beauty. The Judge Death reprints recently were also of very high quality.

So this news is surely going to be causing quite some buzz. Though much of the early Marvel Star Wars are not canon the stories were at least fun.

Star Wars Artists Edition

This format will be freshly scanned from the original art in colour, This will let the blue pencils show up from the black and white. There will also possibly be editor’s notes. The books in the Artists Edition line are usually oversized hardbacks.

I can see these being really quite impressive.

Star Wars Micro Collector’s Fun Pack

These editions will include a pocket sized comic with a selection of posters, standees or stickers. Outlets carrying these will include Toys ‘R’ Us. This is targeted at getting the works to a new audience but I bet a few of older collectors might be interested too.

“Marvel has been a terrific and loyal partner, and Star Wars represents an incredible opportunity to further expand our relationship,” said IDW President and COO Greg Goldstein.

“Since the inception of our Artist’s Edition program, we’ve had Star Wars on our wish list,” said Goldstein. “During its original nine year run at Marvel, an all-star list of artists provided material for these now classic comic books from the likes of Howard Chaykin, Walter Simonson, Carmine Infantino, Tom Palmer, and of course the legendary Al Williamson, to name a few.”

“The collaboration between IDW and Marvel has produced some of the most immaculate collections of reprinted original comic book material ever to be offered,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Now with the addition of the Marvel Comics’ 1977 Star Wars being gathered in this over-sized format, this collection truly is a pantheon of content that any and all fans of Star Wars will want to get their hands on.”

May the 4th be with you.

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