Shaman Kane Issue 2 – by David Broughton (Teaser images)

Kanbk2 tease1Shaman Kane

Issue 2

32 Pages US Format
Mix Colour and Black & White

Available from Comicsy £3.50
July 2015

Written, Drawn and lettered by
David Broughton

Genre – Sci-fi Horror

I reviewed Issue 1 of Shaman Kane last year. David Broughton is a regular contributor to some wonderful small press titles including the 2000AD Fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath and the awesome Psychedelic Journal, He also has a other creator owned projects, Martillo and Spectre Show.

You can see more of David’s art on his website, there will be regular updates on there showing sketches by David that will be available as a free bonus with copies of his books sold at Cardiff Comic Con on 27th June 2015. Shaman Kane Issue 2 will be launched at this event.

As with Book 1 there are three stories in this issue.

Kanbk2 tease2Ice Station Zeebar deals with a murder that may have a supernatural perpetrator.

The action takes place on an uninhabited ice-planet called Zeebar where a Planetary Survey Team seem you have disturned something,

There are almost hints of Miss Marple in this story, though it isn’t a who-done-it?

Kanbk2 tease3Girl Trouble is a colour story and introduces another Shaman character, Shaman Jain Rain.

There are some quite funny characterisation opportunities for Kane’s Spaceship’s AI, which happens to be a dead woman’s life-essence called Annie.

So do the women in Kane’s life get along?

We also get to see a little more detail of the Shaman organisation in this story and a little of Kane’s backstory.

Kanbk2 tease4The third story is a hack-n-slash Zombie hunt called Zombie Takeout.

Set in am intergalactic Diner that is the clubhouse for a bunch of Zombies we get a lesson in Zombie Lore for the setting of Shaman Kane. There are rules in all settings, good tyo know what they are!

A nice set of stories that all help to build a world view for Shaman Kane. They all have seperate touches that make it clear the rules are constant. Seeds are set for future stories and further breadth seems very possible.

You’ll not regret giving this a go.


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